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Space, the ever-present conundrum of any discerning amateur interior designer! You’ve spent hours scouring magazines, and pinning gorgeous children’s bedroom photos on Pinterest, when you suddenly realised that all your furniture and design planning comes to naught, as you literally have no space to put all your fancy new furniture. But fear not, there are some simple and super easy things you can do to try and maximise the bedroom space, allowing you to squeeze in another luxurious rug.


Choosing the right bed can go a long way to helping save space. Many beds, such as cabin beds, come with sleek, in-built furniture, like drawers and shelves, which can help give a room more storage without taking up extra space and looking too bulky. You may also want to look at day beds, as these not only provide a comfortable place for your child to sleep, but can also be turned into a sofa for when their friends visit or they want a relaxing, cosy place to read.

Toy Chests

Toy chests are a simple storage solution which will help reduce a messy bedroom and clear up some much needed space. Not only do they look fab, but they can also double up as extra seating. Simply place some cushions on top of the lid, making sure the box is strong enough to hold your child’s weight.


Again, finding a place to tidy away various bits and bobs will help maximise bedroom space. For example, chests of drawers are a staple bedroom addition, but they can also be dual purpose if you also use them as a bedside table as well. So, not only can your little one’s clothes be stored neatly away, but placing the chests next to their bed with a night light, will also provide a bedside table for them, perfect for a glass of water and a bedtime book. You may also want to look at under bed storage to try to limit the amount of floor space used. Many beds come with drawers built under the frame, but if purchasing a whole new bed doesn’t float your boat, you can buy fairly cheaply, plastic boxes that can slot under the bed, hidden away from view.


This one takes a bit more time, but decluttering is SO therapeutic! Go through all your children’s toys and clothes. Once cleared, try re-organising drawers and cupboards. Using baskets for things like toys, socks and underwear can help keep things more orderly and uses less space.

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