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If you want your child’s bedroom to be a space where they feel comfortable, happy and relaxed; creating their own personal sanctuary, the space needs to reflect both their personality and interests. When children have an input in the decoration of their room, they’re more likely to appreciate and enjoy it, and when children are happy in their environment, their sleep quality is more likely to be improved. When you surround children with the things they love and give them a space to express their creativity, they will feel comforted and valued.

Define Purpose

Most children do a lot more than just sleep in their room, so the space needs to be fit for a variety or different purposes. Everything from playing, doing homework and entertaining friends happens within the space, so it’s a good idea to have a designated area for each. Keeping these areas separate can support a more relaxing and calming atmosphere.

Themed Beds

There are many ways you can express personality in a child’s room and themed beds are one of them. They are fun and playful and provide a space where your child will be happy to sleep. Children have vast imaginations and will have endless fun with a themed bed.

There are also other options for children’s beds which can express personality and make a great addition to their bedroom. Cabin beds are great for storage and freeing up floor space, but there is also the option to incorporate a tent or den into this particular bed. They are both fun and practical, with hidden storage options available for underneath.

Incorporate Interests and Hobbies

If your child’s room is going to be their personal oasis, it is important that the theme of the room is their choice. Bedroom decoration is the perfect opportunity to include children’s interests and hobbies into the theme of the room. Décor, bedding and artwork are simple ways you can bring elements of their personality into their room; this way these features are not permanent, which provides flexibility, should their interests change and develop over the years. Incorporating their hobbies and interests into the room through décor, soft furnishings and artwork will go a long way to making children feel comfortable and proud in their space.

Be Bold

Don’t shy away from using colour in a child’s room, often it is thought that children’s rooms should be neutral in colour as it is more calming however a space where a child can express their creativity and imagination is equally as calming. Some general things to keep in mind when introducing colour into a bedroom is to avoid primary colours where possible as they aren’t easy on the eye and stick to softer, less saturated versions of bright colours. If you’re wary about adding colour to the walls, you can always bring in the brighter tones in secondary pieces such as soft furnishings and décor. With that in mind, still remember that you should be letting your child guide the process; if you are afraid the colour will be too much you can suggest a selection of colours they can choose from.

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