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You have made it halfway through the summer holiday and now it begins to feel as if it will never end. Gone are those brilliant ideas you started out with for keeping the kids busy. Fear not! Check out the following ideas, guaranteed to provide fun and make the time fly by, to get you through the rest of the summer holidays.

Children running on meadow at sunset

Water Play:
Warm summer days are perfect for playing in the water. When there is a warm rainstorm, let the kids play in the puddles. Additionally, try the followin g ideas for water play:
  • Purchase inexpensive squirt guns and let your teens have a water fight.
  • For you school age children, let them play with the hose or set up a sprinkler for running through.
  • For your toddlers and preschoolers, plan a backyard “pool party.” Purchase a paddling pool or set up sprinklers. Lay out some blankets or towels and add some deck chairs under the umbrellafor supervising parents. Serve cold drinks to the adults and have ice-lollies for the kids.
Get the Kids Outside
Turn off the electronics and send the kids outside to climb trees, play hide-and-seek (especially fun at night), and explore nature. Set up a treasure hunt or have your children make up their own and invite their friends over to search for the treasure.
Holiday Art Projects
On hot days, try these three fun art projects, sure to take up some time and give your kids some creative fun.
#1 Find large sheets of paper or use newsprint or cardboard. Have your children lie down and draw around them. Provide old clothes, fabric scrapes, buttons, and ribbons and let them dress their life-size portrait.
#2 Hang a large sheet of blank paper on a wall some where in the house or outside and let the kids turn it into a “graffiti wall.” You may wish to set some guidelines for your older children and teens so they don’t get too inappropriate.
#3 Let your children learn origami. This ancient Japanese art of paper-folding is easy to do and inexpensive. Check out for patterns and instructions.
Have a Spa Day for the Girls
Have your daughter’s friends come over with all their beauty supplies and spend the day doing manicures, facials, and makeovers. Create a spa-like atmosphere with scented candles and soft music. Serve healthy salads and fruit for lunch.
Have a Board Game Tournament

Get out the board games and pair up the kids and their mates by ages or interests. Let winners play winners until a champion emerges. If you wish, you can extend this activity by stretching it over several afternoons.

Take an Imaginary Vacation
Choose a country to visit and explore and then build a day or two around virtual “traveling.” Participate in your chosen country’s culture by eating foods and listening to its music. Find one or movies set in your chosen country to watch in the afternoon. For example, if you choose Italy, have the kids watch Disney’s Ratatouille and then find a recipe on the internet to make this yummy food for lunch.
Send Your Children for a Visit
Most of us have family or friends that love our children. Don’t be selfish; share your kids. Send them
for a day or longer to visit. You may even find that you can set up back-to-back visits to last a week or
When summer begins, everyone is excited to be together and there seems to be no end to the plans for
summer fun. As the summer winds down, so does our enthusiasm. Using these ideas to get you through
the rest of the summer holiday can make the end of summer as much fun as the beginning for you and
your kids.

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