Everybody dreams, especially as children, our dreams often push the boundaries of realism. By the age of 70 the average person will have dreamt for 6 years of their life, seen as children require more sleep for brain development we might want to take note of these dreams at an early age. Children will often dream of animals, friends, family and all manner of weird and wonderful things.

featureWe may not think these dreams carry much weight in the grand scheme of things, how many of us can actually remember our childhood dreams? But taking note could tell you one or two things. Most likely that your child is perfectly happy or maybe in some cases they might be keeping something that’s bothering them from you. Often your child will just want to express his or her thoughts on a particular dream, particularly if it was a tad strange or even a nightmare.

Where Dreams Begin

At Room To Grow we believe a child’s imagination is a wonderful thing that should be nurtured. To celebrate and act upon on our company motto of “Where Dreams Begin” we asked four parents to tell us about the dreams their children have, from exploring outer space battling aliens in distant galaxies to being rescued by prince charming from an evil lord in a tower of chocolate with anything and everything in between!

What we received was a mix of the weird and the wonderful, which were brought to life by the wonderfully talented children’s book illustrator Hannah McCaffery.

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Lilly’s Dream

Noah’s Dream

Henry’s & Lowenna’s Dream

Marnie’s Dream

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Lily’s Dream

Lily dreams about Super Bunny, a female bunny superhero who saves other animals from danger.

Thank you Erin, Lily’s Mum who blogs at yorkshiretots.com for sharing such a sweet dream with us, we hope her love and empathy towards animals continues to flourish.

super hero bunny dream


Noah’s Dream

Noah dreamt that he was being chased by Lions in the African Savanna.

This sounds pretty scary to us, we think someone has been watching Lion King. We are sure Kerry, Noah’s Mum who blogs at noahandthegirls.com will keep him safe!



Henry’s & Lowenna’s Dream

Henry dreamt he was somewhere dusty. He was a rat. There were lots of other rats there with him and they all started cooking together in a kitchen. Lowenna dreamt she was at home playing with her toys when a man came into her room. He was tall and a little scary. He took her to a place where there was a puppet show. The puppets were human not animals.

We’ll be the first admit that we had nightmares after reading Henry’s & Lowenna’s dream! We hope Gina (gypsysoul.co.uk), Henry’s & Lowenna’s Mum is happy with the combined result.




Marnie’s Dream

Marnie dreamt she was having a tea party with all her soft toys.

Bonita, Marnie’s Mum who blogs at mamasvib.com told us that Marnie had been playing with all her toys earlier in the day. She has a red checked picnic set that she reaches for every morning.



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