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Whilst most of us spend a long time looking at all the options out there for children’s single beds; making sure the design is right, the bed frame is sturdy and, perhaps most crucially, that the most important (and pernickety) customers, our children, are happy with the choice. However, we can often be guilty of not spending as much time looking at mattress choices, and often just settling on the first one we see. But, mattresses are arguably the most important aspect of a new bed, especially for growing children.


The type of mattress you choose will offer varying levels of support for your child’s growing bones. It is essential that the mattress provides good support for keeping their spines and bones aligned as they develop, but also to help reduce fidgeting so your child has a better night’s sleep (and we all know what a broken night’s sleep does to your little one the next day!).

Pocket-sprung, latex and memory foam generally offer the most support, though each have pluses and minuses depending on your child’s preferences. Memory foam will reduce night-time wiggling as it forms to fit your child’s body, whilst latex mattresses are breathable, so are a great option if your home is particularly warm.


Good quality mattresses may come with useful extras. So, if your child often has night-time accidents, then choosing a waterproof mattress might be the right option, as they are breathable and don’t have the same uncomfortable feeling as sleeping on plastic mattress protectors.

Similarly, if your child suffers from allergies, then a synthetic mattress might be the right option as their fibres don’t attract mites and bacteria.

Health and Safety

When choosing a mattress make sure that it complies with UK health and safety regulations, which includes adhering to the Furniture & Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988. Many mattress suppliers will also offer a number of years guarantee, so if you do have any problems then you can speak to the company and resolve it quickly.

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