Let’s face it, winter can be a hard time to be a child especially if  it’s very cold and wet but not much snow.  Even if you do live where it snows regularly there are only so many times that you can make a snowman, slide down a hill or make a snow angel before your typical child is absolutely sick to death of the white stuff.

With that in mind we’ve put together a little list of fun winter time activities that the kids (and maybe even mum and dad) will enjoy.  So take a look and get ready to discover some fun things to do to help your child get over those winter blues.

A campfire in the dead of winter can be a lot of fun.  Roasting marshmallows can be a lot of fun when you’re standing in front of a roaring fire and the heat is toasting your noses. Of course caution needs to be used but this would be a great time to teach fire safety also. 

Large cardboard boxes can be used to make all sorts of interesting and fun things indoors during the winter. If you have some large wardrobe boxes (you know, the extra huge boxes that you can hang your clothes in for moving) you can lay them on their sides, tape them together in a long configuration and voila, instant tunnel.  Cut some holes for windows on the sides and tops and you’ll have something that costs very little but gives hours of pleasure to your pint-sized explorers.

Since they’re already stuck inside now would be a great time to do some cooking with your kids and teach them all about how to handle kitchen tools, utensils and appliances.  Cutting, stirring, chopping and otherwise preparing the food can be a great way to learn knife safety and baking or cooking with heat the same with fire.  If your child has a favorite dish you can show them how it’s made and you can also experiment.  Good times!

There are many board and card games that you can share with your kids no matter what their ages.  Card games like Snap, Solitaire and  Rummy to name just a few, are not only fun but teach valuable lessons in counting and creating a strategy and they can also help a child to develop better memory skills too. Board games can be a great time for the whole family.

No matter what you do keep it fun, be creative and let the kids be the boss a little too (as long as you’re not dealing with anything dangerous, of course). Before you know it the winter will have passed but your children will have gained a lot of new skills and made a lot of great memories.

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