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ThinkstockPhotos-84231171As winter rears its head, the nights are getting colder and the ground is getting frostier and it’s not unreasonable to consider getting under the duvet and going into hibernation until spring! Finding activities for your children that don’t involve going out and braving the elements and having to wrap them up with an array of woollen garments can be tough in the winter. But there are plenty of things you can do inside the house on freezing, rainy days that will mean your children can stay toasty warm and you won’t have a pile of wet, muddy clothes to wash afterwards. We’ve put together some suggestions that you can try.

Arts and Crafts

Getting crafty is a great way to occupy your children for a few hours. Find something they’re interested in, whether it’s dinosaurs or Disney and challenge your children to make some fabulous craft based items. It could be bunting, 3D models or painting a picture, but it’ll get their creative juices flowing and it’s a fun, interactive way for them to spend their time. They could end up with some new decorations for their bedroom or something to take into school.

Treasure Hunt

It can take a bit of planning but putting a treasure hunt together can keep your kids interested for hours. Making it into a competition will increase the stakes and make your kids even more determined to find their prize. A treasure hunt also gets your children to think critically and try to work out clues, so it can be a good way to get their thinking caps on.


Cooking with your kids can get messy, but it’s also important to get them used to the kitchen and introduce them to recipes and ingredients, so they’re more confident when they’re older. You don’t have to be cooking Michelin star standard food; you could start off with some cake baking. The fact that your kids will have a tasty treat at the end of their efforts gives them even more incentive to get their hands dirty and muck in.

Make a Den

Your kids might find your house boring, so why not let them turn a room into their very own den? This is a great way for them to use their imaginations to build something and then they’ll be able to play in it and centre other games around the den. You could let them put up a tent and do some indoor camping too. Just make sure that this activity doesn’t last longer than a couple of days, otherwise you might find a room permanently transformed into a den!

Movie Day

This isn’t a new one, but finding a good film to put on for your children can entertain them for a couple of hours. You could introduce them to a new genre or something different to what they usually watch and try and broaden their horizons. Get them some popcorn and dim the lights to make it a little bit more exciting than usual.

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