ThinkstockPhotos-485634378It’s not often that you look around your home and think ‘it’s finally finished’; there always seems to be more to do, new projects to start and new ways to improve your house. Sometimes you can get stuck for inspiration and end up living amongst décor that you’re not too enthusiastic about, but you’re not sure what direction to go in next. We’ve put together some of the décor trends that we think will be popular this year and you might spot something that’ll compel you to don a paintbrush and get decorating!


One emerging trend for 2016 is all about bringing the outdoors inside. Making your home look more natural with the help of potted plants and indoor hanging baskets is about breaking down the boundaries between your garden and home. Furniture that looks more rustic and inspired by the great outdoors will be a hit in your home. Natural surfaces can also give your home a stripped back look, with wood, stone and brick being popular additions.

Mixed Metals

Metallics are going to be big in 2016 and you don’t have to stick to one type of material. A clash of materials will give your home an industrial look with contemporary styling. Brass, copper, gold; mix them up and the effect will be a modern, clean look in the rooms of your home. This trend also gives you the chance to give some old items a lease of life. If you have metallic objects that you aren’t using, a good sprucing up can help them to become attractive pieces.


The theme of sustainability flows through into 2016. With the world becoming increasingly more aware of environmental issues, there’s lots of scope for making a difference inside your home. Buying products that are ethical and fair-trade continues to be a trend, as well as taking old furniture and re-purposing it. The benefits of doing this mean that you can be more environmentally responsible, as well as limiting your costs when decorating, because you’re using recycled goods.


Pastel colours will continue to reign supreme in 2016, with muted tones and subtle patterns giving your home a tranquil look which will turn it into a calm, safe haven away from the hustle and bustle of outside.


Geometric patterns are going to be popular in 2016 and if you use tiles on your walls or floors then they offer a great opportunity to inject some retro style into your home. It doesn’t have to be your floor that adopts a geometric style as work-surfaces, cushions, curtains and wall hangings can all have an impact on your home, as there are plenty of bold, dominant geometric patterns out there.

The Desk

The traditional desk has taken a bit of a hiatus over the last few years, but now it’s back and ready to give your home an academic edge. With more people working from home and laptops and tablets taking a more prominent role, a desk is a perfect docking station and place to work from to increase your productivity. A fashionable desk can become a staple part of any room and it’s your chance to experiment with different styles.





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