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Sticky fingers are very easy to spot. We’ve all been there, having to wipe up after a toddler has spread their daubs across every conceivable work surface from kitchen to bathroom and back again via the lounge.  Why is it that such incidents only occur after a marmite or blackcurrant jam meal? To be honest sticky fingers do come as bit of a timely warning so look on the bright side as you clean up, they should be prompting you to think about what you’ve done to protect sticky fingers, even if they aren’t sticky, throughout your home.

Doors present a real challenge to young children who are learning to stand or walk.  At this age, anything that can provide that extra bit of stability, especially all those conveniently placed doors is worth grabbing, literally. There are numerous things that can be purchased to make sure that doors shutting in a draught don’t catch sticky fingers as they do so. 

If doors are major concern then there are a range of products such as Fingersafe that provide an altogether more substantial protection by adding a plastic shield that covers hinges and door frames without stopping the door closing.

Those sticky fingers always get excited when it comes to grabbing the toy of the day from its hiding place in a toy chest. It is far too easy for a lid to be brought crashing down on fingers that are holding on (again) to the edge. Current technology provides a number of ways to protect in this situation. All variations on a theme of counterbalancing, they ensure that lids stay open until they are specifically closed. No accidental slamming here.

It is one of the great delights of babyhood.  See something new, shove in mouth.  If you don’t recognise it chew down on it. In these circumstances sticky fingers remain constantly wet and well…sticky. Electric plugs can present another danger for sticky fingers. Installing simple electrical socket safety covers will stop wet fingers getting anywhere near an electrical supply and area very cost effective way of dealing with the problem.

Drawers seem to be another attraction. What is it with these little ones; they seem to have an inbuilt danger magnet so it’s no surprise that sticky fingers will always find their way into a drawer.  Add to that the number of drawers you have around the home and there are enough chances to make you go prematurely grey.  I guess it’s no surprise really, drawers must seem like individual treasure chests to the owners of sticky fingers. There are a variety of mechanisms that can be fitted to drawers to make them safer and the good news is that designers do seem to understand that there is life AFTER toddlers so most solutions are quickly and easily installed in insider surfaces so that the look of your designer kitchen does not necessarily have to suffer.

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