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Most parents love taking the children out for the day and when it comes to taking them on holiday, it’s something we look forward to for months.  Spending time with our little ones, discovering new places and seeing new sights is part of a well-rounded education.  We want our children to grow up to be broad minded adults who will make a difference to the world they live in.  As such, we often take them on trips that are educational or that we think will teach them something about the world.  However, there are places that are not suitable for children and dragging them along behind you means that they may have a totally boring, uninteresting day.


Granted, we sometimes have to take the kids along when we’re doing something boring (like the weekly grocery shop or when we visit the dentist or doctor and don’t have anybody to leave the kids with), but if you approach it right, you can ensure that the kids don’t suffer too badly.  However, there are some places that are just so unsuitable for kids that we’re better off delaying the visit if we can’t get a minder.  We take a look at the five places you should never expect to take your children.

  1. Upmarket Restaurants – Okay, we all like to take our children out to eat from time to time. It’s important that the kids learn to behave nicely while out for a meal and there are plenty of restaurants in the UK that welcome children and cater for them.  I’m not just talking about burger joints here – there are plenty of independent restaurants serving a variety of interesting dishes that will provide high chairs and child portions to make the visit a success.  However, some restaurants don’t cater to children and most of the other diners will be there because they want to enjoy their meal in peace without toddlers wailing or little ones running around.
  2. First Class Seats on a Plane – First class on a plane is a VIP experience and most people will have made the decision to pay the extra so that they can fly in peace. Children are pretty noisy by nature and will spoil the peace and quiet of the First Class section for others.
  3. Weddings – Many couples getting married choose to have a child-free wedding and if you’ve been invited to one, don’t feel insulted that your kids haven’t been invited too. This is the bride’s big day and if the happy couple have chosen to marry without children on the guest list, you need to honour their wishes – it is their choice.  There are plenty of couples who get married and organise a very child-friendly wedding, inviting all the children in the wider family and often letting them play special roles (bridesmaid, usher, handing out wedding favours, etc.) to make them feel more included in the celebrations.  Don’t forget, wedding style is a very individual choice and nobody has a right to interfere in the decision of the bride and groom.
  4. Upmarket, Boutique-style Shops – You know the sort – the tiny High Street shops that offer a delightful array of porcelain, glass, bone china, etc. These are the shops that are chock a block with interesting and fab looking little goodies that tiny fingers are desperate to touch.  You can’t look at the goods and keep a close eye on your children at the same time.  Save trips to these type of shops for when the kids are in school or you have a sitter.  Breakages will usually need to be paid for, so just don’t risk it.
  5. Protests and Demonstrations – Unless the cause directly related to the children (educational, school transport, school meals, youth services, etc.), then a protest or demo is not the place to take children. Your political beliefs are not necessarily those of your child – they are too young at present to make up their minds on such complicated subjects so leave them out of it.  Another reason not to take the children is that political protests will often have some really militant people attend and it’s just too easy for the whole event to degenerate into a violent protest – not a safe place for your kids to be.

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