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Most kids these days spend much more time indoors than they do out of doors and this can be worrying for parents, especially if the kids seem to spend most of their time watching TV or playing computer games.   Parents are often advised to limit the amount of time their kids spend sitting and watching or playing games and many parents try to avoid letting kids use the internet too much.  However, the internet can actually be a brilliant resource for both parents and kids – there are just so many websites nowadays that are designed to teach your kids how to have fun offline.kids_computer

There are so many websites that offer free colouring pages that you can download and print for the kids and most parents have probably come across these.  However, it’s not just colouring pages that are available to keep the kids occupied.  There are plenty of websites full of craft ideas, games and other things to do that it can be hard to choose which is best. Spend some time online looking for the sort of websites that contain how to’s and ideas for keeping children occupied.

Take a look at Netmums which has a whole section of Activities to choose, many of which are seasonal – and there are loads of education worksheets that can be printed and put to use.  What to do with the kids is another great resource with an At Home section that offers Activity Sheets and ideas.  The BBC has a great Things to Do section with a variety of ideas as does Channel 4’s Scrapbook with its Kid’s Corner section.

Check out Babycentre – you may be surprised to find that it’s not just for babies; there is a great list of 60 Fun Things to Do at Home with the Kids on a Horrible Day Outside.  Rainydaymum is another great resource, as is Stayathomemummy .  You don’t need to be a stay at home parent or a domestic god/dess to use these websites – they’re aimed at busy parents like you – parents who want the best for their children and who are willing to spend some time on finding out how to give them the best.

So, next time you hear people bemoaning the fact that today’s kids are always watching TV or playing computer games, let them know about what a brilliant resource the internet can be.

It’s chock full of great ideas for getting the kids offline – making, creating, painting, drawing, colouring and generally doing the things that kids need to do to have a happy, creative and interesting childhood.

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