Recent reports in the press reveal a new campaign to get kids spending more time out of doors.  Major charities and health groups have collaborated to form Wild Network which is focussed on reconnecting children with the wild, following the success of the Project Wild Thing film.  Project Wild Thing was made by filmmaker David Bond after becoming worried that his kids were not spending enough time with nature.

Launching on 25th October, 2013, The Wild Network’s mission is to “support children, parents and guardians of children to roam free, play wild and connect with nature”.  With an impressive array of organisations rushing to get on board, it looks like kids are set to turn their backs on the TV and get out and about having fun and discovering the beauty of nature.

It’s estimated that children growing up in poverty have fewer places to play, less access to green spaces and even worse air quality to breathe than their counterparts who grow up in affluent households.  This is a shocking indictment in 21st Century and the problem needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.

Many kids today grow up in towns and cities, rarely seeing the country side and not knowing where the food on their tables comes from (other than the supermarket shelves).  Obesity is on the increase in our young people and this will serve to lower life expectancy as they grow into adults that are not used to exercise and who are not comfortable in the great outdoors.

Catherine Johnson Founder of Familycampingreviews.com and unearth the kids campaign said “The obesity gap between children living in a urban area and a children living in the countryside is growing everything, the need to spend more time outdoors is more important than ever, especially in urban areas.”

Today’s kids seem to spend most of their time indoors, watching TV or playing computer games which, even though they may challenge their minds, do not present any physical challenges in any way.  The journey to school is often by bus or car and many of today’s kids aren’t even used to walking any distance.

If you’re worried about how much time your kids are spending in front of the TV, if you’d like to see them running free in the great parks and public spaces that are in all of our cities and towns, then why not check out the Wild Project?  Watch the film and then come up with an action plan for your family to get more involved with the environment outside your home.  Wherever you live, you have access to nature.  Our towns and cities have plenty of parks and public spaces where you can enjoy some time outside on a regular basis.

The outdoors is a resource that is free to all of us, it will build creativity and confidence in your kids and it’s healthy for the body and mind.  Don’t let your kids grow up totally disconnected from nature, check out the Wild Project now to see how you can get involved in taking your kids away from the TV and into the wilderness.

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