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In the space of just eight years we have gone from being a household with just my

husband and myself to five. To be fair we did rattle around a little bit because we opted for quite a

big house with lots of rooms in which to stash stuff, mainly books, craft things, assorted

collections of fossils and the like. The house was great, after we finished decorating it we

felt like we had a show house. Cream carpets, cream sofa, flashes of colour here and

there. Everything clean, tidy and in its place.


Fast forward to today and I was lucky not to have fallen down the stairs on a sea of

discarded shoes and magazines. I couldn’t dish out the dinner in the kitchen because

there isn’t any worktop space and I’ve abandoned all hope of being able to sit on the sofa

in the living room. I’ve not watched adult television in the daytime in nearly 8 years (I don’t

suppose I’ve missed much but there is still the idea that there might be something good

on) and there are never any biscuits in the tin.


Still, I’m not short of a pair of aged 5 pyjamas and there is always one to hand, ditto hair

elastics and for some reason children shoes. If I want to read a children’s book, well there

is always one to hand and I’ve even learnt how to use a Playstation and an Xbox. I’ve lost

all inhibitions about my body, after three kids there really isn’t anything left that belongs to

me and if I’m honest I feel a bit lost if I have a bit of personal space.


That all said, i’m a woman on a mission, slowly, daily i’m pushing back the sea of child

detritus to the playroom and their bedrooms. I’m throwing things away after i’ve picked

them up for the fifth time and i’ve concluded that children don’t need more than one pair

of shoes and a pair of welly’s. I’m slowly winning at a domestic battle. Now to train the



Written by our regular contributor Claire.


All views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Room To Grow.

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