Christmas. It’s one day. One day out of the whole 365. Yes, some years we can drag it out, maybe you can make the festive season stretch from early December to early January but then that’s it.

For kids moving on from Christmas can be challenging. They are used to the decorations and they are used to the songs. Try telling a three year old they can’t sing those beautiful Christmas songs they have spent hours learning and been asked to sing at every opportunity. It’s hard and they don’t understand why it’s not Christmas any more.


I’ve been thinking about how we move on from Christmas and finding a focus for the start of the year. In our house we have lots going on at the start of the year, birthdays etc that keep us going but if you don’t here are a few tips to get kids thinking (and singing) about something other than Christmas.

1. Start teaching your child some spring inspired songs, ” Hop little bunnies”, “The rainbow song” and “Let’s go fly a kite” are some of our favourites

2. Make spring decorations for your home by crafting, painting and drawing flowers, caterpillars and lots of green leaves. The bright colours will help lift spirits.

3. Get outdoors! Go on a nature treasure hunt, build a snowman or splash in muddy puddles. Just enjoy some fresh air and family time.

Hopefully, before you know it you will be fed up on hearing other songs and wishing it was Christmas again!



Written by our regular contributor Annwen.

Website: http://www.realsuburbanmummy.com
Twitter: @suburban1mummy

All views expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Room To Grow.

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