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With space being a premium, not all children are able to sleep in a large room. With so many options for space saving and multi-functional furniture available, minimal space should no longer impose too much of an issue. Cabin beds are ideal for rooms, small or not, as they provide a space for sleep, storage, study and play. Cabin beds are both a fun and practical way to make the most of your child’s bedroom; the sturdy frames and designs mean they offer durability and the storage and study capabilities mean they also offer longevity. Some cabin beds come with the option to transform into a standard single bed should you require, making them even more flexible and multi-functional. It’s worth noting that all cabin beds are suitable for children aged 6 and above, and there are some styles of cabin beds such as mid and high sleepers which similarly won’t be suitable for older children and teens.


Obviously, sleep is the predominant and most important function of a bed. Children experience most of their development and growth whilst they’re sleeping, so it’s incredibly important that they have a place where they can sleep comfortably. Cabin beds provide a sturdy and comfortable space, which is both a safe and fun place to sleep. If your child is happy in their bed, it’s sure to improve their nights sleep.


Children often have an endless number of belongings, toys and treasures, so storage is an essential part of any child’s bedroom. Cabin beds come with different storage options including drawers and shelving, which eliminates the need for extra furniture, meaning you can optimise the space and incorporate storage into one specific piece. Having a fun and different storage solution could also encourage children to tidy up after themselves, supporting better organisation skills; the storage is easily accessible so that children can tidy away their own belongings.


A desk, although a practical and useful addition to any bedroom, can often take up a large amount of space. Cabin beds come with the option to include a desk, which gives children their own personal built in study space. Having a designated space to do their homework means no distractions and ensures everything they need is in one place. Having their own desk can also encourage children to stick to a study schedule, which is particularly good practice for the future.


Having a designated space for play in a child’s room can be great, it gives them their own personal space for their imagination to run wild. Cabin beds also come with the option to incorporate a tent underneath; which will provide hours of fun for a child. It gives them their own space where they can play or create a den. Having the tent option also means you can hide storage under the bed. Children have vast imaginations so with a cabin bed the options for fun are endless.

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