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Now, come on then, be serious.  Little Johnny wants to decorate his room in a rasta theme and your not very happy about it. It could be worse I suppose, what if sweet Annie wants to turn her pink paradise into a Goth Palace? It doesn’t matter what age the kids are, at some point you have to hand artistic control over to them. You can no longer think of your child’s room as a potential example for your portfolio of work in your bid to become a world dominant interior designer, after all it is their room.

Personal taste is after all, personal taste and if you have done a good job as a parent so far your child will be quite capable of deciding what they like and what they don’t like. You’ve been encouraging them to be individuals so don’t fall at this vital hurdle. You need to grit your teeth and use this as a chance to extend their education.  So what if they choose orange and lime green stripes, just don’t show your friends. If they paint everything black, leave it and make sure the door never opens when you are around so you can’t see it sucking the life force out of the rest of the house.

Every cloud has a silver lining so there is an opportunity to be had here. How long have you struggles with collecting washing off the floor in your child’s room?  Thought so, it seems to come with the territory for most parents. You can use the opportunity to negotiate a solution to the collecting dirty washing problem. It’s easy to justify never going into the room if the colour scheme is sooooo bad, tell them it’s OK but they have to take care of keeping the room tidy and dirty washing free because you couldn’t personally stand to be in the room – job done.

One thing you might want to consider is budget. Given that children’s fads come and go like changes in the weather in April you might want to spend some time exploring the issue of redecorating with your child.  Explaining to them that they have a budget is a good learning experience, work with them to plan out a budget but you also need to establish that what ever theme they choose has to be lived with for a period. Two years is worth aiming for but you might need to accept an 18 month refresh and children can grow out of their beds. but there’s lots of kids beds options available.

Of course, it’s probably not the most constructive thing to give your child a carte blanche regarding their room. Let them choose the theme, no matter how much it goes against your personal taste but you can discuss how to apply the theme. Offer suggestions on how to decorate so that redecorating is less costly and can be achieved more easy. Encourage them to think of white woodwork because white will work with any colour scheme and means it won’t need changing next time round.

You should also discuss ideas such as creating a theme using accessories such as bedding and light fittings and ultimately  hope your ideas are well received enough to prevent a complete blackwash of all walls and woodwork. Good luck!

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