Did you absolutely love the return of Bake Off? Have you been itching to get into the kitchen and teach your little ones everything you know about baking? If the answer’s yes then you’ll be pleased to hear that, from the 16th to the 22nd of October, it’s National Baking Week!

Baking is a great activity to do at home with kids because it’s so much fun and can be super easy – as long as you know the right recipes. Here are three of our absolute favourites:

Jungle Jars

 For a crowd-pleaser that’s perfect at parties, you can’t go far wrong with some fun little jungle jars. Like an edible terrarium, each jar resembles a jungle, with a chocolate pudding soil, coconut grass, chocolate finger trees, and jelly snakes. To create the base, make a chocolate pudding mix out of chocolate, eggs, flour, sugar, butter and cocoa powder, and pour it into the bottom of a jam jar. Place the jars into a baking tray, fill the baking tray with water, then bake until the pudding sets. Then grab some green food colouring and desiccated coconut to make grass, pop in some jelly snakes, and add trees made from chocolate fingers and green icing. Easy!


Banana Cake

 If you’d rather avoid the risks that come with children full of sugar, this sugar-free banana cake is a great, healthy alternative. The recipe is easy enough for little hands to make; simply mix flour, baking powder, cinnamon, sultanas in one bowl, butter, vanilla essence, egg, milk, and mashed bananas in another, then combine and bake! Tasty and much better for little tummies.


Hedgehog Rolls

Of course every baker worth their salt knows that savoury recipes are just as fun as sweet. That’s especially true in the case of these adorable little hedgehog rolls. A great way to teach children how to make bread, this is an easy recipe that will also give kids hours of fun when shaping and moulding the dough.

REMEMBER! While all of these recipes are designed especially for little hands, big hands are necessary for doing all of the dangerous work like chopping or using the oven. Make sure children are always supervised and that you take over for the tricky bits to avoid any baking boo-boo’s. Have a fabulous National Baking Week everyone!



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