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Why not give your little one’s bedroom a New Year make-over? Take a look at our inspiration guide and really start 2017 with a bang!

Legend Personalised Football Bed

They think it’s all over, it is now… with our fabulous footie bed your search really is over, this is the perfect choice for any footie fanatic. A goal and football is etched onto the headboard, and there is even the option to have a personalised shirt at the end of the bed. Your little one will certainly feel like man of the match with this in his room.

Double Dreamer Desk

Perfect for any age, our Double Dreamer desk is a great addition to your child’s bedroom. Allowing your older child to have a quiet place where they can get away from the noise of the house and concentrate on their homework is a great idea. Or, for a younger child, a space where they can let their creativity run wild, drawing pictures and creating mess, away from your living room floor.

The Great White

If space has always been an issue in your child’s bedroom then our cleverly designed Great White midsleeper may be the solution you’ve been looking for. The kid’s bed includes six deep drawers and a built-in bookcase, with a choice of 8 different deluxe finishes. Your child will love climbing aboard the Great White, ready to man the decks and set sail (or sleep, as we like to call it!).

Z Bed

When your child gets to a certain age, sleepovers start to become a feature of most weekends. Investing in a comfortable but space-saving extra bed in their room is a great idea, and our Z Bed is the perfect choice. By day it is a comfortable chair for your child, and by night, it folds down to become a bed for their friend to sleep on.

Ollie Star Single Duvet Set

No new bedroom is complete without new bedding, and Ollie Star Single Duvet Set is fast becoming a firm favourite. Hand appliqued in 100% high quality cotton with fun and colourful design, this great single duvet set will last wash after wash.

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