As the days get shorter and the mornings colder, a half term holiday to a hot destination seems more and more appealing, especially as Christmas seems so far away! We know going on holiday can seem like a hassle, especially with children, but there are definitely some cost effective, child friendly destinations out there. Check out our top four below and get yourself booked in for some winter sun this half term.

Mainland Spain

Spain is a great half term holiday destination because with a flight time of less than three hours, moderately cheap flights and lots of great cities to see, it is an excellent option for the whole family. Cities like Barcelona, Malaga, and Valencia are all ideal, with all the sites and activities of the city, but also the advantage of being close to the sea. There are lots of beautiful beaches in Spain, as well as a wonderful culture and a vibrant urban atmosphere, great for dinners out and day trips.  Also, as they are all popular holiday destinations there are plenty of hotels, resorts and apartments available in locations in and around the cities, so finding accommodation should be fairly easy. With all this considered, it is the perfect place to jet off to this October!


Another classic European destination, the largest of the Canary Islands Tenerife also boasts a reasonable flight time for your little ones, glorious beaches and – of course, lots of winter sun. As a small volcanic island most cities and towns are on the coast, perfect for both urban culture and days at the beach. The town of Los Christianos is a popular holiday destination, with regular flights from the UK, and lots of places to stay. There are also great family attractions such as Siam Park, Aqua Land and Loro Parque within reasonable distance. If you want to get off the beaten track, there are lots of little villages to explore on the coast which are less busy and definitely offer a beautiful haven from the cold weather in England! So book a flight, pack your bags, and get yourself to Tenerife for the perfect half term get away.


Mainland Greece and the surrounding islands are also great October half term destinations, with lots of sun to spare for your England induced vitamin D deficiency. Again with an average flight time of under four hours it is doable with young children, and there are lots of great places to go to. From Athens, Syvota, Corfu, Rhodes, Paxos, Zante, Crete, Lefkas and many more, it is worth doing some research into what kind of holiday you are looking for, based on the age of your children, your price range and your activity preference. Some are great for water sports (and teenagers), some have great night lives and some are very chilled out! Athens is a beautiful city with lots of history if you’re looking for your kids to soak up some culture, whereas some of the islands may be quieter and more peaceful. Either way, Greece is a great place for an October holiday!



Again there are plenty of great places to go in this vibrant country, from the more popular and tourist orientated to the quieter, more off the beaten track places. The capitol city, Lisbon, has many great attractions including Sao Jorge castle and the Belen tower, to name just a few, making it great for a cultural trip. It is also said to be the cheapest capitol in Europe, so it is definitely worth a visit! Porto is the second largest city in the country and is famous for its wine, with the attraction of old wine cellars, as well as the world heritage site that is the old town, and the 14th century church. Both cities also boast being close to the sea, allowing you to again explore the city-scape and go for a beach trip. Another quaint place to go is the old town of Faro, smaller than the cities but with a gorgeous cathedral and other old sites to visit, it is another not to be missed.


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