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I WANT ONE!When we’re little we spend a lot of time wishing we were bigger so that we can go to bed whenever we like and eat all of the ice cream. But actually, there are loads of things that are awesome about being a kid and the most important of those is Toys. Yes we might have the latest smartphone and smartwatch and smarthat and smartsocks but do we have a FLYING REMOTE CONTROLLED CAR? No, no we do not.


want 1


Yep, you read that correctly. Allow us to introduce the B-Flying car from BGoBeyond, as featured in The Expendables 3. Not only can it traverse pretty much any terrain, it also – you know – flies. Definitely one to buy “the kids” (yourself).

The Personalised Superheroes

want 2

80% cool, 20% terrifying.

Superhero toys are cool, sure, but wouldn’t they be even cooler if they had your face on? That’s what a number of companies are now offering – the chance to be your very own superhero action figure. Want.

The Remote Controlled Bird

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If a high-tech flying car ain’t your style then how about this beautiful remote-controlled bird? The Avitron V2.0 Ornithopter might *sound* like an evil dinosaur but is actually the coolest Christmas gift we could ever hope for.

The Smartphone Paper Aeroplanes

want 4

We’re only just discovering how much we’re in to stuff that flies.

Paper aeroplanes are fine but imagine how much more fun you could have had in school if you could control yours from your phone? Well now you can with PowerUp. So much fun in store for mischievous adults – we mean kids.

The Pony-shaped Bicycle

want 5


When we were little, “I want a pony!” was just something we said for fun near Christmas just in case. We didn’t think we’d actually get one. Except kids these days really can have their very own pony… on wheels. Courtesy of Pony Cycles where we definitely haven’t just spent hundreds and hundreds of pounds.

The Tiny Vintage Car

want 6

We can finally own a real-life Brum.

We can’t afford a vintage car in real life so this Great Gizmos Classic Pedal one will do nicely, thanks. Courtesy of our very own Room to Grow store.

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