“If you go down in the woods today – you’re sure of a big surprise”. Well, we certainly surprised some walkers on a rare sunny morning just a few weeks ago, when we set up for our website photo shoot in local woods. Out for a quiet walk they hardly expected to find children’s beds, all beautifully accessorised, nestling amongst the trees. Bemused, but interested, people stopped to watch and chat, whilst we had a couple of unexpected four legged extras join us, one dog helping himself to our picnic and another desperate to leave his muddy paw prints on the beautiful white Babyface Fairy duvet set we had dressed the Julian Bowen bed with!

Thanks to our wet summer we already had to move the original date whilst we alsohad to work round school and then holidays to accommodate our young models – and what superstars they were.






They seemed quite unfazed by the prospect of getting ready for bed with their favourite soft toys during the day – and in a wood. From reading to playing with bubbles or trains, dressing up as a fairy or pirate, they took it all in their stride, although the promise of lollipops for star performers seemed to help.




Armed with a few extra muscles to help us build and carry two beds into the clearing we’d identified, it was surprising how quickly things took shape. 

And whilst I doubt you would have the need to physically transport a bed as we did, it proved relatively quick and easy thanks to the minimal pieces

and straight forward build that the beds are supplied in. Fears about the mud or getting everything level, particularly the Stompa Rondo cabin bed with it’s under bed storage cubes and ladder, proved groundless and nothing a few twigs and some leaf coverage couldn’t solve. A quick wipe down when we de-assembled everything and the beds were as good as new. As for the models, it was wellies off set and a fireman’s lift onto the beds to keep them mud free.

All in all we had a great day out with the kids and got some fabulously different images of beds for our new website. So next time you go down to the woods – just think of Room to Grow, we might just be around the next corner.     



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