There you are, still wallowing in the joys of first time parenthood and your baby goes mobile for the first time.  Whether it’s a crawl, a roll or a bottom shuffle, life as you knew it is over.  You now need eyes in the back of your head and those eyes will need to be trained on your little one for the next few years!  Seriously folks, SAFETY (capitals intentional) is now the name of the game – your primary responsibility.

Once your little one takes that first vital glide along the floor, he/she will come on in leaps and bounds and will soon be whizzing around the house at a giddying pace.  It’s time to kid-proof your home in a big bad way.  Luckily, modern designers are familiar with the concept of kids and lots of stuff these days is built to be kid-proof (think of all the prescription medicine bottles and bleach containers that take you ten minutes to open every time).

There is also a mind-boggling array of safety gadgets that you can buy to ensure the safety of your offspring – socket stoppers, cupboard and fridge locks, guard rails and straightjackets (okay, the straighttjackets bit is a lie but I thought it would liven things up a bit).  But – how far do you go, how far is too far?

Do you pad the corners of all your furniture; is that a bit over the top?  Well, I used plastic patio dining furniture when mine were little (which I know was a bit over the top) but I had the excuse of being an impoverished single parent.  Newly mobile little ones seem to have their own internal gyroscope and will wobble and totter like a Kelly doll while you hover, heart in mouth, ready to catch if they lean too far the wrong way.  Should you put a helmet on them?  Some parents do!  See what I mean about going too far?

As long as you get the (normal) safety gear that’s readily available in the High Street shops you should be okay.  Buying bedroom furniture specially designed for kids is a good idea as safety is always a consideration in the design process.  Just relax and be normal and keep a good eye on your little one and you should get through the next few years fine.

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