Parenting can be a thankless job. Parents must be available 24 hours a day, every day of the week. A parent is a teacher, doctor, nutritionist, child psychologist, mentor, judge, and jury – to name only a few functions that must be performed. On July 25 we celebrate Parent’s Day, a time to honor parents for the many things they do on a daily basis. Parents deserve a pat on the back because:
Parents Provide Unconditional Love
Parents love their children, even when their actions are unlovable. Nothing soothes like hugs and kisses, whether the injury is emotional or physical.

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Parents Teach Their Children Character
Parents work hard to teach their children positive character traits. Some important character traits parents teach are:
  • Order: Parents teach children a sense of order and logic by providing an orderly household and family life.
  • Responsibility: Parents give children household chores to do. Often there is a reward for a job well done, such as an allowance, extra playtime, or simply a hug and pat on the back.
  • What Is Right and Wrong: Parents who are religious use the Bible or other religious writings as a moral guide. Those who are not teach a moral code to follow.
  • Independence: Parents teach their children that it is okay for them to be different, and that they do not have to follow the crowd. Teaching them right from wrong when they are young makes it easier for them to make their own decisions, instead of listening to or following others.
Parents Are Available When Their Children Need Them
Parents are there for the milestones. Even with a hectic work schedule, parents realize the importance of recitals, ball games, and graduation ceremonies. They are there for each child individually whenever they need a talk or need some extra attention.
Parents Provide Praise and Develop Self-Reliance


Parents praise their children’s accomplishments so that they feel good about themselves. Everything from potty training to getting good grades becomes a reason to celebrate. Being generous with praise builds a child’s confidence.

Daily tasks and chores designed for the age and ability of each child provide them experiences in taking care of themselves. Parents recognize that making each child responsible for himself or herself avoids sibling rivalry and teaches self-reliance.
Parents Provide a Listening Ear
Parents are ready to listen to their children, realizing communication goes both ways. They express interest in their children and their lives, listening to accounts of daily activities and problems, both large and small.
Parents Provide Effective Discipline
Loving parents set boundaries such as bedtimes and curfews, so that their children learn that they have limitations. They also establish enforceable, reasonable rules and clearly communicate the consequences of breaking the rules.
Parents Teach Healthy Living
Parents encourage their children to have a healthy lifestyle. They do so by making sure that their children eat healthy food, get plenty of exercise, and get enough rest every night.
Parents Are Good Role Models
Parents model the behavior and character they want their child to adopt. They do so by setting a good example. They are not perfect and may make mistakes, but when they do so, they admit it and apologize.
Parents Allow Their Kids to Experience Life for Themselves
When children get old enough to make decisions for themselves, parents encourage them to choose activities to participate in and friends to play with on their own. Allowing children to realize their actions have consequences helps them to become good problem solvers and decision makers. They allow their children to make their own mistakes recognizing life is a great teacher.
Being a parent is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences of life, but that does not mean it is easy. No matter what age child is being dealt with, parenting is work that is never done. To be a good parent, you need to know how to make your children feel valued and loved and teach them the difference between right and wrong. Parents who succeed definitely deserve a pat on the back for all they do.

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