I remember before we had children, Halloween had a totally different significance for us. It was a night that we would usually avoid being in, go out for a meal, stay out of the house, that sort of thing. Since having children it is now a totally different experience, and even the most cynical parents can’t help being dragged along with their children’s enthusiasm. For us, the excitement starts building up the week before the big day, with pumpkin carving, cake making and toffee apple eating. It’s important to also discuss outfits well in advance, as if you need to buy something new, things quickly sell out at the supermarkets well before the day itself. Home made outfits are of course the best, if you have the time and creativity.

Face painting is a bit of a must, so make sure you stock up on good quality face paints well in advance, and maybe get some practice in too! In terms of outfits, favourites are witches costumes, vampires, zombies, but don’t feel restricted, Jedis and Spiderman are acceptable too – go with what your children are interested in or you may find several tantrums and melt downs going on!

We live on a modern housing estate, so it’s quite a safe and easy way of going trick or treating.  We get plenty of sweets in for the occasion, but to be honest we are usually out ourselves when most people call round. The ideal time to be out and about is between 6.30 and 8pm, with 9pm as the absolute cut off time. I also think in terms of age that when children reach high school then it’s probably too old to go – unless they want to be put in charge of younger siblings. We only call at houses with pumpkins outside, that’s the unwritten rule of trick or treating, and we always insist our children are polite and say please and thank you as any responsible parents would.

So plan in advance, stock up, go with what your children are interested in and it’ll be a fun and stress free day!


Written by our regular contributor Heather.

Website: http://www.pret-a-mummy.com
Twitter: @bargainmummy1

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