I wrote a blog post not so long ago about my worries of being unable to master the art of homework and reading with my two eldest daughters aged 6 and 4, whilst on my own with a toddler too. My hubby isn’t home until our children have gone to bed so it’s my job to take care of the children, the house and go to work. It’s a big worry of mine because my children are bright and they get excited about learning and I have been feeling like I am failing them. I am too busy trying to get by rather than taking, well finding the time to spend time with each child.

The response I had from this particular blog post was not to sweat the small stuff. All my children are still young and I am just  about surviving each day but everyone is okay. They are happy, clever, well dressed, well mannered and don’t ask for much. It’s me that gets worried and stressed about everything. They still read and they do hand in their homework on time and they do test each other, so I think it took for me to write my worries down and get fresh eyes into the situation.

I also mentioned that I can’t keep on top of the housework, but then my blog post made me realise that I was being incredibly silly because my house is clean, just not always tidy and just because it needs some DIY doing and it is cluttered it doesn’t make me a bad mummy. These problems can be sorted out once they are older and once they are all at school but I’m not going to get this time back so i just need to enjoy my children, my messy house and be proud that I’m still managing to work and raise three children.

The DIY will give me and the hubby something to do when we get bored later in life 😉


Written by our regular contributor Emma.

Website: http://theprmummy.com
Twitter: @theprmummy

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