As parents we all want our children to grow up to be responsible adults, good people that benefit society and the communities in which they live. However, as toddlers and teens, our children can often misbehave and it’s our job to turn this around – teach them how to avoid having tantrums, how to behave well towards others and to teach the social and interpersonal skills they will need to become valued members of society. This is often much easier said than done and it involves disciplining children when they misbehave. However, discipline has become a dirty word in today’s world – with connotations of smacks, physical punishment and unfairness. How we discipline our children is a controversial subject and is fodder for debate on current affairs shows, lifestyle TV, online media and the print media.


In order to gain some insights into what parents think on this subject and the disciplinary techniques they use in their own homes, we’ve compiled a short survey. It’s designed to give us an overall view of how parents in the UK manage their children’s behaviour. We’re asking families up and down the country to take part in this survey to see if there are any regional, social and economical differences in our attitudes towards teaching our children right from wrong.

Please take the time to participate in this survey – it won’t take you more than five minutes. The survey is 100% confidential and we will not ask you for any personal identifying contact details.

You also have the chance to win £250 to spend online at Room To Grow by completing our survey. Upon completion you will be redirected to enter our competition, good luck.

Thank you in advance for taking the time and trouble to take part in this survey.


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