shutterstock_248285296Life doesn’t stop on Valentine’s Day. While it might feel like everyone else is out eating at swanky restaurants and walking leisurely through the park hand in hand, feel assured that it’s not the case. Pinning down a babysitter on Valentine’s Day is worthy of a medal and has to be planned about 7 years in advance, but if you’re spending it with your partner and your kids, you can still have a great day. Dinner, bath and bedtime will be on the agenda, but you can also make the day special and romantic in your own way.


On a standard day, having dinner might be a case of throwing together what’s in the fridge or cooking some tried and tested recipes, but making a special dinner can make the day different. Dressing your kids up in their Sunday best and getting the fancy plates out can inject a little bit of excitement into the day. If everyone’s sitting together at the dinner table for a lovely meal, it can be one of those memorable moments and quality family time that you’ll look back on in years to come…and you’ll also get dinner sorted for the kids at the same time!

Home Cinema

So you might not get to watch exactly what you and your partner want to and getting around to watching Breaking Bad will have to wait, but you can still watch a fun, family film with your kids. Dim the lights, get the popcorn in and snuggle up on the sofa. If you turn watching a dvd into a more grandiose affair, a normal activity can feel a bit more special and once the kids are in bed you can watch something else later.


You haven’t managed to go on a spa weekend get-away with your partner, but why not bring the spa to you? Stock up on the face masks, light some candles and start running the bubble bath. Everyone needs to take time out and look after themselves, so Valentine’s Day can be the perfect time to take it in turns with your partner and have a bit of ‘me time’. You can involve the kids too and try to turn relaxation time into a regular thing!


Valentine’s Day should be about indulgence and treating yourself, so go to the supermarket and buy some sweet supplies and turn the kitchen into your own bakery. This is the perfect way to get your kids involved, as they’ll have a tasty treat to reward their efforts with. Bake some cakes and teach your children about ingredients, tidying up and teamwork, while you and your partner get to spend time together and as a family.

Whatever you do, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a day full of pressure and grand gestures, it can be subtle, meaningful and what you want it to be.


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