Since we are now onto a rather unexpected third pregnancy, I am clearly looking to save money this time around since (hopefully!) there will not be any more babies!

However, I had an experience this weekend where I was definitely bitten and I will be twice shy next time! In our local area we have a facebook buying and selling group where parents desperately try and get a good price for their unwanted baby/child related products. I put a post on there asking if anyone had any unisex baby clothes to sell and was responded to by a lady who said she had a large set of stuff and would be willing to part with it for £20.  It was all a bit awkward when I went to pick up and in hindsight I should have had a good look through what she had brought. However I didn’t and when I got home I was horrified!

I didn’t get any of the branded stuff mentioned but instead very old looking budget clothes and worst of all – to fit a premature baby! I was a bit put out as I think she should have mentioned all that before I picked up. Anyhoo, I’ve just put it down to experience as I really don’t think I could get back in touch and ask for my money back.

What this has taught me is that when you have a baby, though it’s nice to accept freebies and hand me downs from friends and relatives, that is where the line should stop! Baby sleep suits and vests are so cheap anyway it really isn’t worth buying second hand. I actually feel ashamed of myself for thinking it was worth it!

No more second hand baby stuff for me!

Have you had any similar experiences?


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