From the moment I saw those two blue lines, time seemed to slow down.  Suddenly every possible thing that could go wrong started rushing through my head.  I calculated myself to be nearly 5 weeks, which meant around 8 weeks until I would get some reassurance that there was a little person growing safe and sound in my tummy.

Symptoms seemed to arise overnight, along with a little podge that made me look like I had eaten one too many cakes, but was actually that tell tale baby bloat.  The first few weeks seemed to go on forever, and things only got tougher as I grew and as I had to come up with excuses as to why I couldn’t drink.

I honestly believe that those first 12 weeks are by far the toughest bit, especially if you are keeping quiet.  The tiredness, the sickness and the constant worry that sits in your head all day.  13 weeks eventually came around, and with it I breathed a sigh of relief.  After pacing a waiting room for twenty minutes in anticipation(and with a rather full bladder) I saw that little flicker of a heartbeat on the screen and I knew everything was ok.

We had the fun of announcing our third little bundle was on the way, and the excuse to shop, not just for baby.  My expanding waistline meant maternity clothes were my top priority and once I got those stretchy waistbands out, I refuse to wear anything else.  Our news was met with excitement and questions – three under four after all, it isn’t what most sane women choose!

The fun really started here, a new wardrobe and a new way of styling old clothes.  Planning and dreaming about life with a new baby, the anticipation of what flavour our little pretzel will be and sharing our happy news with the world.

Week 16 brought with it some energy (although I can happily still nap in the daytime).  Week 17 brought the first comment asking if baby is imminent, and week 18 more regular flutters that tell me the little one is having a party in my uterus.  This week is the twentieth and I can celebrate being halfway through (providing baby isn’t late of course).  I can find out (hopefully) what colour to start buying and everything feels a bit more real.  From the first slow slow weeks, time seems to be racing by and with this most likely our last baby, I don’t want it to go any faster!

The next twenty weeks will bring rapid growth for both myself and the womb squatter, probably some back pain and possibly some braxton hicks contractions.  It will be exciting, eventful and hopefully full of cake!

Written by our regular contributor Becky.

Website: http://themummyadventure.com
Twitter: @mummyadventure

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