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ThinkstockPhotos-475175486It’s fair to say that going back to school isn’t one of the most popular subjects to broach in a typical household. After a holiday full of fun and excitement, your kids can be brought back down to earth with a bump when Monday approaches and the thought of homework and exams is on the agenda again. As a parent, you can help to make the transition from holiday mode to school mode a smooth one and it’ll also make you feel more relaxed in the long-run. We’ve put together a few tips to help you to prepare your children for going back to school, which will lead to a happier household.

Stay Relaxed

This is easier said than done in a busy household, but by staying calm and on top of things, you’ll be sending signals to your children that everything is under control and going back to school isn’t something they need to worry about. This will make your kids feel a bit more confident and comfortable about going back to school.

Talk about school

It’s not good to avoid talking about your kids going back to school. You’ll turn school into an elephant in the room and in turn, this will make it a more ominous prospect. Start talking about school a few days before term begins, so it doesn’t creep up on everyone and come as a horrible surprise. Your children will start to become familiar with the idea of school again and they’ll be aware that they need to start preparing.


You don’t want to be running around on a Monday morning trying to find everyone’s uniforms or pencil cases, so make sure that everything is prepared in advance. Getting your children to help organise their things and make sure they have everything they need means that they’ll feel more prepared too. Write a list and tick things off as you go, so there are no unexpected demands on Monday morning.

Focus on the Positives

Going back to school can be a daunting thought, but try and focus on the things that make school a fun and positive experience. Talk with your children about any upcoming trips they have planned at school or how they’ll see all of their friends again and will be able to catch up. By changing the concept of school into something to look forward to rather than dread, hopefully your children will find it easier to go back and have a successful term.


It’s useful to try and get back into a routine that is close to the school routine you usually stick to during the week. Your children will probably have been going to bed a bit later and obviously getting up later too during the holidays, so getting things back to normality means that school routine won’t be as much of a shock to the system. A few days before going back to school, try to gradually make bed-times and getting-up times earlier, so your children get used to their old routine again.

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