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When we were younger, a pack of crisps and a chocolate bar was standard fare for a packed lunch. However the more research is done into children’s diets, the more we become aware of the importance of proper nutrition in our homes and the more we want to make sure our children are eating healthily.

That being said, it’s not always easy to find the time to prepare fresh and home-cooked meals for little ones to take into school. If you’re pushed for time but want to make sure your kids are eating well, here are some packed lunch ideas that are both healthy and quick.

Pasta Salad

When it comes to carbs, pasta is better than bread because it contains less sugar and salt. Swap sandwiches for a mini pasta salad box instead; you can top it with your child’s favourite things, it’s quick to make, and can be easily stored in tupperware so you can make it in advance. Perfect!


Sweet Potato or Kale Crisps

If your kids love their crisps but you’d prefer they snacked on a more healthy alternative, try one of these delicious ingredients instead. Best of all, they’re super easy to make. With the sweet potato version, simply slice sweet potatoes into thin rounds and roast them in a little olive oil for about 20 minutes. Kale crisps are even easier as they require zero prep!


Dipped Fruit

Sometimes getting children to eat more fruit can be easier said than done. If yours would much prefer some sweets or chocolate, try some at-home fruit hacks to get them more interested. This can be anything from dipping raisins in yogurt and allowing them to dry into tasty snacks, to half-dipping apple or orange segments into melted chocolate to make them more appealing. Quick, easy, and yummy!


Savoury Muffins

For another fun alternative to the sandwich, try sending your little one off to school with some savoury muffins in their lunchbox. They’re super easy to make (simply combine all the ingredients in a bowl then separate the mix into muffin tins) plus they help to keep lunches more interesting than sandwiches every day. Plus they’re easy to customise and can be made using whichever ingredients your child likes best. Simply search for savoury muffin recipes and let them choose their favourite!

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