At some point you of your child will decide that their room needs a little attention.  It might be you wanting to surprise them as a reward for a good end of school report or perhaps it’s down to them wanting a new look before next weekend’s sleep over. Either way there are lots of things you can do to make sure a quick make over is a successful one.

Firstly you need to have thought through in advance and predicted the day when this type of thing comes up. If you have had your forward in time goggles on you will have prepared by painting your child’s room in a fairly neutral colour and have painted the wood work in white. If you haven’t already done so that’s your first task.

With neutral walls it is easy for you to create a dramatic impact by repainting just one wall or by hanging a mural. You can even buy mural stencils on the internet and with a simple overhead projector (borrowed from your local library or school) you can create a very dramatic and true to life picture of a cartoon hero or character from a film or book. If your woodwork is white there will be no need to paint it as white can work with any colour scheme.

Making changes to a headboard can have a dramatic effect on the look of a kid’s room and it can be very easily done.  In most cases the right piece of fabric and a strong staple gun are all that is needed. Why not think about buy an extra duvet cover, printed in a favourite theme or motif and using that to cover the headboard with. Imagine, bedding, headboard, lamp shades and wall paper all in the same theme – ouch!  But it’s not for me or for you it’s for them so remember to leave your own tastes at the door.

To really create an impact in as little time as possible you need to accessorize a bit, then a bit more and finally even more. Get rid of old accessories and find new rugs, lamp shades and bedding to really make a dramatic change.

Keeping a room tidy is about making it easy to put things away so find so interesting hooks that can be used to quickly hang a coat on rather than throwing it on the floor. Make the right choice of hook (avoid brass and elegant and go for something quirky) and you will find that the floor space in your kids room can start to breathe once again as coats and jumpers start miraculously to hang themselves up.

Display space is a great way for any child to exert their individuality and a really quick and easy way of creating it is to use cork. Readily available as cork tiles or even rolls of cork for flooring it is light weight and has the added advantage of providing some protection from loud music and other childly noises.

A quick makeover does not need to be rushed. If you are organised most of these types of changes can easily be made in a day or a morning and hey presto!

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