Macauley Caulkin

There was a wonderful time in our lives when Macaulay Culkin was never off our screens. Like Mara Wilson, he was a golden child of the nineties and the star of every single one of our favourite films. That’s why it’s incredibly important that everyone should know exactly which 90s Macaulay Culkin they most resemble. Take the quiz now to find out:

The kids are with the grandparents, it’s date night with your SO, and you’re in charge of dinner. Unfortunately you forgot to buy any ingredients. What’s the plan?

a. Get creative in the kitchen and whip up something amazing from a bunch of cupboard staples and leftovers. You might make a mess in the process but it’s so worth it.

b. Use everything in the kitchen to make a delicious home-cooked meal for your loved one. You can make do with toast.

c. Scrap cooking plans and phone up the nearest, most expensive takeaway. Your other half deserves the very best.

You’re having some home alone time when you accidentally spill red wine all over your partner’s favourite coat. What do you do?

a. Hit the internet to find out the best red wine stain remover then get the coat washed and dried before your other half gets home. They’ll never notice…

b. Hit the internet and look up ‘most adorable ways to apologise to the one you love.’

c. Hit the internet and buy your partner a new, better coat.

You’re organising a dinner party. How do you hope it’ll turn out?

a. Loads of your friends will turn up and you’ll have a raucous party that goes on until the early hours.

b. Nobody can make it so you get to have a romantic dinner for two with your partner instead.

c. A small group of your most distinguished and interesting friends arrive to enjoy fine wines and ravishing dinner conversation.

It’s a school holidays and your partner is at work, leaving you with the kids. How do you entertain them?

a. You refuse to admit exactly how it happened but, by the time your other half gets home, the living room furniture has become a fort.

b. You organise a storytime and creative writing session with the kids and write a whole story to act out for your partner when they get home.

c. Zoo, aquarium, Rainforest Cafe for lunch, then the cinema to catch the latest Pixar movie. Sorted.

You secretly hope your kids will grow up to be…

a. Astronauts, explorers, or journalists.

b. Poets, artists, or teachers.

c. Lawyers, doctors, or CEOs.


You got:

Mostly a’s: You are… Home Alone Macaulay Culkin: Cheeky, resourceful, and independent, you’re just like Kevin McCallister.

Mostly b’s: You are… My Girl Macaulay Culkin: Sweet, fragile, and loyal, you’re just like Thomas J. Sennett.

Mostly c’s: You are… Richie Rich Macaulay Culkin: Smart, driven, and sophisticated, you’re just like Richie Rich.


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