Nowadays our Christmas wishlists are fairly mundane; money, clothes, practical items for the kids, more money if possible, a tumble dryer. But back when we were children the sky was the limit when it came to our dream present. Take our quiz to see if we can guess what was at the top of your Santa list when you were a child.

When you were little, you could usually be found…

a. Playing dress up or having tea parties with your dolls.

b. Learning to skateboard or glued to MTV.

c. Exploring the garden or reading Enid Blyton.

Your best friends were…

a. A tight-knit (and maybe a little cliquey) group.

b. The coolest kids in school.

c. Your neighbour’s kid and your family dog.

The most exciting thing about Christmas was…

a. Starring in the school play.


c. Playing loads of fun games with the family.

Your favourite Christmas film was…

a. Miracle on 34th Street

b. Home Alone

c. 101 Dalmatians

Your favourite part of Christmas Day was…

a. Your annual solo performance of Silent Night.

b. Playing with all your new toys.

c. The family walk after dinner.

Your Christmas wish was to grow up to be…

a. A model or fashion designer.

b. A rockstar or DJ.

c. A doctor or vet.

Your parents always described you as…

a. Demanding

b. Energetic

c. Affectionate

You used to dream about living in…

a. A glamorous city apartment.

b. A cool and modern pad with loads of gadgets.

c. A fairytale cottage.

For Christmas you always gave other people…

a. Clothes, jewellery, or other pretty things.

b. Cassettes or records you thought they’d like.

c. Cute gifts you handmade yourself.


You got…

mostly a’s: Ultra-glam and tres grown up, you loved nothing more than dressing up and trying out your mum’s makeup. The perfect gift for you? A Barbie Dreamhouse, of course.

mostly b’s: The coolest kid in school, you always had the latest toys and freshest clothes. There was nothing you wanted more for Christmas than an ultra-cool Boombox.

mostly c’s: Gentle and loving as a child, you adored animals from your family pets to the hedgehogs in the garden. But there was nothing you would have loved to take care of more than your very own pony.



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