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From rules and regulations to discussion and discipline, each parent has their own way of navigating the daily task of raising children. Are you strict or soft? Are you authoritarian or easy-going? It’s time to find out which of the three parenting styles you fit into.


1) When it comes to rule-making in the house, what’s your process?

a. I lay down the rules and expect them to be followed, no questions asked.

b. We work on rules together as a family. I let the children make their own suggestions and explain the reasoning behind mine.

c. I’m not a big fan of house rules and find them restrictive. I trust my children to act appropriately and can always have a chat with them if a problem arises.


2) Uh oh, someone’s been naughty. How do you react?

a. We have a strict set of punishments that we adhere to such as grounding, chores, or the removal of privileges.

b. I’ll talk to my child about their actions. If punishment is necessary, I’ll make sure they understand why they are being punished and not bring it up again once the punishment has been completed.

c. I don’t really believe in punishment. If they’re naughty I might try and talk to them about their behaviour but kids will be kids, after all. I find a friendly chat much more effective.


3) Your little one has a big exam coming up. What are you doing?

a. We’ll have drawn up a comprehensive revision schedule to help them best maximise their study time. I’ll oversee the process to make sure they’re putting in as much effort as possible and realising their full potential.

b. I’ll chat to them about what they think they need to do, and make it clear that I’m on hand to help out with study sessions. I’ll let them know if I think they’re not studying enough but also encourage them to go out and play if I think they’re working too hard.

c. I’m happy to help out if they want me to but I let them organise their own methods of study. Different children learn in different ways so it’s important not to impose anything too restrictive. I’ll make it clear to them that it’s good to try your best but that exam results aren’t everything in life.


4) What are the traits you most like to encourage in your child/ren?

a. Obedience, intelligence, ambition

b. Curiosity, fairness, understanding

c. Happiness, intuition, compassion


5) …and lastly, what would you most like your child to grow up to be?

a. A doctor or lawyer

b. A teacher or scientist

c. Happy!


You got… mostly a’s: You are an Authoritarian parent! – Traditional and focused, you believe the old ways are the best when it comes to raising kids. You want your children to be the absolute best they can be and so bring them up with a clear understanding of rules and consequences. You have high expectations of your child and encourage them to aim for success.


You got… mostly b’s: You are an Authoritative parent! Prepared to discipline your children if necessary, you still prefer a more diplomatic and supportive approach to teaching your little ones the rules. You believe in a fair and balanced approach to parenting and encourage your little ones to ask plenty of questions and to think for themselves. You want your child to be a fair, reasoned and responsible adult.


You got… mostly c’s: You are a Permissive parent! Often raised by authoritarian parents themselves, permissive parents don’t see the sense in enforcing rules for the sake of it, preferring instead to guide their brood through childhood with encouragement and support. You have a loving and nurturing relationship with your children and would prefer to be seen as their friend rather than their disciplinarian. You’re happy as long as your little ones are too.

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