Rain is important to everyone as it keeps the world fresh, green, and beautiful. On July 29, we give special importance to this life-giving climactic element with world Rain Day. Since it is the summer holidays, rainy day activities and inspiration will provide your children with some unique ways to celebrate Rain Day.

Singing in the rain

Scavenger Hunt Fun
A scavenger hunt is a great way to amuse kids on a rainy day. Take a few minutes to make a list of items you plan to hide – small toys, ribbons, bagged snacks or candy – any small items you can think of quickly. Hide your items and provide a list and bags or baskets for each child. Offer a small prize if you wish for whoever finds the most items.
Create a Story Book
Have your kids make their own story books. Staple blank paper together to make a “book” for each
child. Have them draw pictures, use photos of the family, or find pictures in magazines to use for
their story. When they have finished their story, have them choose a title and create a cover.
Work a Jigsaw Puzzle
Jigsaw puzzles provide a whole-family activity, a wonderful bonding experience between differently-
aged siblings and their parents. Place chairs around a table and choose a fairly large puzzle with colourful pieces and work on it together. If the age and skill levels of family members vary widely, give each person their own puzzle. Family members can work alone or help each other finish.
Create an Indoor Fortress
Choose a room in the house you do not mind having the kids rearrange and provide sheets and blankets with clothes pegs. Have them create a fortress or castle by securing the fabric between tables, couches, and chairs. They can dress up and act out imaginary adventures. Your children may even enjoy eating a portable lunch in their structure.
Family Movie Time
Pop some popcorn, provide some canned drinks, and watch a family appropriate movie, or make it a double feature with a break between films for a meal. Alternatively, set up the house for a dine-in movie theatre experience. Create a “menu” and take orders for snacks such as popcorn and nachos and small entrees.
Have an Indoor Picnic
Have the kids help pack a picnic lunch and take an imaginary “hike.” End at a spot perfect for picnicking – a double bed works well. Unpack your picnic and spend some quality time enjoying each other.
Play in the Rain

If the rain is safe with no thunder and lightning, take a walk in the rain. Dress up in clothes suitable for rain play or, if it is warm outside, wear swimsuits. Walk in puddles, make play boats and float them in puddles and run-off rivulets. After playing outside, pop the kids in warm baths for some tubfun.

Rain Day on 29 July provides your children with a special opportunity for summer holiday rainy day activities. Use the activities we have provided to make this day special this year for you and your family.

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