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If you are considering a family pet, make sure you consider a cat. Cats are delightful, intelligent animals that enjoy affection, love playing, and are easy to care for and affordable. We detail these cat characteristics as we give you five reasons why a cat is the best family pet.

#1 Cats Are Social Animals That Love To Play

Cats are fun! They try some unusual feats and love to chase bugs. A bit of catnip encourages unexpected antics. Cats particular love wand toys – toys suspended from the end of a stick or wand. Not only is this a guaranteed way to have a playful cat, these types of toys prevent children from being scratched by an overly enthusiastic cat.

Cats enjoy people. Of course, they sometimes want the attention they receive on their own terms. Researchers have found that a purring cat actually reduces stress, a fact to which most cat owners can attest.

#2 Cats Are Easy to Care For

Cats are clean animals that take care of their own grooming. A longhaired cat needs an occasional brushing.

Cats can either be indoor or outdoor pets – the choice is yours. If you choose to allow your cat to go outside, you can install a cat door. Be sure to get one with a lock, so that you can keep your cat in when you need to.

Improved scoopable litter boxes and scented litters make it possible to have a cat in an apartment or an environment where keeping a pet indoors is necessary.

If you have problems with cats clawing furniture and they are only going to be indoor cats, you can have your cat declawed. Remember that cats use claws for protection, so a declawed cat should never be allowed outside.

Cats are good if you have a busy schedule or travel, as they can be left alone as long as they have food, water, and a litter box. You will need to decide how long you can leave your cat alone, but it has been our experience that a weekend trip is fine.

#3 Cats Are Intelligent

Your cat will learn your daily schedule and seek your attention when their needs are not met. They learn when mealtime is and will remind you if you are late. Your cat will learn to communicate by meowing, purring, and rubbing against your leg to let you know their needs.

Cats generally are easy to house train. Most kittens learn to use the litter box by the time they are three months old. Some cat owners have taught their cats to use the toilet. I have had over twenty cats in my lifetime and only managed this with one. In addition, although they say you can even get a cat to flush the toilet, I failed at that. I did teach the same cat to take a bubble bath with me!

#4 Cats Are Affectionate Companions

If you give your cat affection, treat it with respect, and teach it the boundaries of living in your home, your cat will be an excellent and affectionate companion. Cats enjoy human company. When I have moved to a new apartment in a busy residential area, I have gone outside and called “Here kitty, kitty!” I have had strays come out of the dark and come live with me. In fact, most of my cats through the years have been acquired strays. Surprisingly, I have been able to litter box train these often-adult cats and had loving pets that have provided years of enjoyment.

#5 Cats Are Affordable

Cats do not require a great deal of food, as they are small pets, so feeding them is not expensive. You will require some basic equipment – a cat litter tray, and a bowl for cat food and water. You can add a scratching post and a bed if you think your cat will use one. My cats always wanted to choose their own place to sleep.

All pets require some expenditure of money, but a healthy cat requires very little medical care. You will want to have a male cat neutered to prevent them from marking their territory by spraying urine. Spaying your female cat will prevent unwanted kittens.

Cats make excellent pets for the whole family. As adults watch TV in the evening, the family cat enjoys sitting on laps. They seem to sense moods and will provide a willing ear for your teenager’s problems and cuddle up if your daughter cries. They will play with your youngest children and sleep at the foot of an older adult’s bed. Although they can be unobtrusive, your house will have a different feel if you have a cat for a pet.

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