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Studies have shown that a regular bedtime for your kids helps them get the necessary restful sleep. The benefits derived for your kids are not the only reason for a bedtime routine. Additionally, a regular bedtime can help parents relax, not only in the evening, but throughout their day. This is true for a number of reasons.


Regular Bedtimes Mean Less Stressful Evenings

With a regularly scheduled bedtime routine – a set time each evening for your kids to prepare for and actually get into bed – the adults in the household benefit in two ways:

#1 When children adhere to a regular bedtime routine, the evening is much less stressful for everyone. Younger children need some supervision to make sure teeth are brushed, a last potty break happens, and they are actually settled in bed. As your children become older, they will adhere to this bedtime routine habitually without the need for your supervision.

#2 Parents have an opportunity to experience some “down time.” Adults need time to engage in some grown-up activities; eating those foods you deny your kids, watching adult shows on television, or having some time to build your marriage relationship.

The result of a less stressful evening with the kids is a better night’s sleep for parents, one that will help the following day be less stressful and more productive.

Regular Bedtimes Help Your Kid’s Have Good Behaviour

Studies have shown that children who get enough sleep are less likely to be hyperactive and have behaviour problems in school. It is much easier to relax and be productive at work during the day if you know your kids are rested and having a good day at school. Your tired child is more likely to be cranky, unable or unwilling to follow directions, and even overly emotional, laughing uncontrollably or bursting into tears.

Loss of sleep also affects attention span, decision making, and logical thinking. Parents whose children have a regular bedtime are less likely to see their child have academic problems. Teachers report many children are so tired that they actually cannot stay awake during class. Relax and remain confident your children have the rest needed to do well in school by giving them a regular bedtime.

Healthy Kids Mean Less Stress

Enough sleep helps your kid’s immune system fight off disease. Studies have shown that lack of sleep makes it difficult for your kids to avoid childhood infectious diseases such as the cold and flu. Healthy kids mean less stress for parents because:

  • When children are sick and cannot go to school, parents must take time off from work to stay with them.
  • You kid’s grades are likely to drop when school is missed due to disease.
  • It takes time and money to visit the doctor’s office when kids get sick.

Avoiding the consequences of illness due to a compromised immune system because of a lack of sleep definitely helps parents relax!

The benefits from a regular bedtime each evening help everyone in the household to lead a happier, less stressful, productive, and relaxing life.

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