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Remember, remember how to keep safe on the 5th November!

When Bonfire Night comes around, that’s when we know autumn is well and truly underway and Christmas is just around the corner. Bonfire Night can be extremely enjoyable for all the family, but of course there are precautions you must take to make sure everyone keeps safe. Here are our top tips for keeping your little ones safe on the 5th of November…

The brighter the better

And we’re not just talking about the fireworks! One challenge you’ll face on Bonfire Night is keeping track of lots of moving people in dark conditions. By dressing your child in bright clothing such as high-vis jackets or waistcoats, you’re able to keep your little one noticeable not only to you, but to others around them.

Sparkler Safety

Sparklers can be extremely fun and exciting for children to use. However, just like other fireworks, they must be used with care – many people don’t realise, or forget that sparklers can get up to six times hotter than oil in a frying pan. Sparklers should always be held at arm’s length and the person handling them, should be wearing gloves at all times. Once the sparklers are all sparkled out, make sure they have been disposed of properly, we recommended putting them in a bucket of water. It’s also recommended that children under 5 years old shouldn’t handle sparklers as they’re at an age where they won’t understand how to use sparklers safely.

Organisation is key

A firework display at home may seem like a good idea, but these can very dangerous. Attend a display where people are experienced in lighting fireworks and where there is enough space for everyone to stand back and keep safe. Once you’re at your chosen firework display venue, suss out a good meeting point – we recommended choosing a well-lit area that can be seen from far away.

Fireworks at home

If you have planned your own display at home, there are several different safety factors to consider. You must understand to handle fireworks safely, the best place to purchase fireworks, and how to dispose of them. Always make sure the fireworks you purchase are bought from a registered retailer and are a suitable for the size of your garden. Keep your fireworks in a closed box and use them one at a time after following the instructions on how to light them carefully – remember to always light the firework at arm’s length with a taper and stand well back. When the fun is over, soak the remaining of the firework in a container of water in an area where they cannot be tampered with.

And finally…

Keep cosy

Make sure the whole family wraps up warm! It can get chilly standing outside waiting for the fireworks display to start, so make sure you’re all in your winter woollies – coats, hats, scarves. gloves, the works!

Do you have any tips for keeping safe on Bonfire Night? We’d love to hear them! Share them with Ollie and Leila, the bed specialists, on Twitter.  

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