Whether you live in a house that has small bedrooms, you’re trying to give your children a little bit of extra storage space or you need an extra bed for sleepovers, bunk beds are fantastic. They can instantly add an extra bed to any room without taking up even an inch of extra floor space and, with some of the unique designs that are being manufactured, a bunk bed can also be an excellent way to provide all sorts of extra storage space for your child’s clothing and bric-a-brac without forfeiting room on the floor.

One of the nicest bunk beds on the market today is the Kurt Bunk Bed.  With a sturdy bunk bed frame that’s made from high density particleboard, the Kurt Bunk Bed is not only safe but also stylish. It’s a single bed frame above and below with an option for a third on a wheeled bottom drawer,  perfect for older children and ‘tweens’.

The Kurt Bunk Bed  comes complete with integrated shelving, a big plus when you have a child that’s looking to store their books, toys and other knickknacks. Even better, the back panels on the shelving unit are reversible so that they can be better matched to your child’s bedroom décor. The Kurt comes with a choice of either grey/blue on the first side and raspberry on the other or orange on the first side and kiwi on the second. Either way, you’re getting enough extra shelf space to handle quite a bit of stuff no matter what color you choose.

The shelves of the Kurt  are actually at one end of the bed frame and form the steps that your child can use to get up into the top bunk. An integrated handrail  is there to give your son or daughter something to hold on to and there’s an open, flat shelf space at the top that they could use for sitting and reading. It’s actually quite an ingenious design move, making the shelves also the stairs, and puts to use a space that would otherwise be wasted.

This exceptional bunk bed features a beautiful beech color (laminated on high density particleboard) that will be sure to blend in to any bedroom décor. There is a wheeled storage drawer which can also be used to hold a third mattress. Leave the mattress out and you instantly have a huge amount of extra space for folded clothes, toys galore or even a small train set. (Keep in mind that the storage drawer costs extra and isn’t included in the basic model.)

When all is said and done this is a very well made, attractive and highly practical bunk bed that any child would be glad to sleep in. If extra storage is what you’re looking for or it’s an extra bed for when family and friends drop by, the Kurt Bunk Bed is an excellent choice.  Parisot, the manufacturer, also makes accompanying pieces to match if you’re keen on getting some night tables, a desk or some dressers.

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