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You don’t have to look at many children’s clothing or interior websites to see that there is a definite personalisation trend happening right now. From objects as small as hairbands and necklaces, to duvet covers,  beds and children’s furniture there probably isn’t anything you can’t get your name on!

With personalisation becoming so popular, it’s no surprise that this isn’t just available for adults anymore, and that children’s personalisation has grown more popular over the last couple of years.

So why is children’s personalisation becoming increasingly popular?

They get to own it…

When a child sees their name of one of their possessions, it gives them a sense of ownership, as well as making them feel more important and confident.

Giving a child something personalised can also help motivate them. A personalised bottle may encourage a child to drink more water if they’ve been reluctant in the past, or a personalised plate might prompt them to try a new food. If your child is at the stage of moving from a cot to a bigger bed, a personalised bed may help get your little one into a bed of their own.

It’s helping them learn

Books are the latest personalised craze, and for all the right reasons! A personalised book is a great way to motivate your child to read, and with personalised books becoming more popular, there are books available at different price points. Personalising your child’s book, will not only make them become more interested in reading, it is also a delightful way to show your child that they are important.

Picture perfect

There’s no harm in wanting to take the perfect picture, and with the rise of parents joining social channels such as Twitter and Instagram, there’s more opportunity for them to share pictures with friends, from photographs of personalised party bags or children’s beds.

We think sharing is caring, so send us your personalised pics on Twitter and Facebook.

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