Babies love anything that stimulates their senses. Sometimes proper toys designed for baby are not available. In these situations, some of the best toys for your baby are common, safe household items. Although you always want to make sure you supervise your child, the following is a selection of safe household objects to entertain your baby when proper toys are absent.

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#1 Towels, Rags, Cloths, and Old Clothes

Very small babies love playing with cloth items. Your baby will play peek-a-boo with a small towel or rag, cover their body parts or their entire body with a large towel, and enjoy flinging cloth items around. Old clothes, including shoes and socks, provide entertainment for your toddler.

#2 Pots, Pans, and Large Kitchen Utensils

As soon as your child is old enough to sit up and grasp something, pots and pans, lids, and wooden or metal cooking utensils provide a fun play alternative.

#3 Paper Towel and Toilet Paper Tubes

The long tubes used for paper towels and the shorter tubes used for toilet tissue are fun for children who are old enough to grasp them. Watch your child use one as a horn or a pretend telescope. In addition, it is fun dropping small toys through them.

#4 Empty Boxes

Your child will sit in or hide under a large box. Medium boxes are perfect for stowing other non-toy items. Small boxes make perfect hats.

Clean out used clean food boxes such as those for cereal and pasta. A selection of various will entertain your child as they use them nesting, sorting, and stacking.

#5 Plastic Containers

  • Plastic Food Storage Containers with Lids

Babies and toddlers love plastic food containers with lids. Try giving them the containers with lids attached and watch them open and close the containers. Provide some child-sized utensils for pretending stirring.

  • Plastic Bowls and Colanders

Various sized plastic bowls with a strainer or colander provides fun for baby. Try putting your little one on a towel and giving them a small amount of water to pour from bowl to bowl and through the strainer.

  • Laundry Baskets

If the basket is large enough, invert it so it “hides” baby. Your baby will also like sitting in it with some small toys.

  • Water Bottles

Your baby will love the sound an empty water bottle makes when squeezed. Also fun for shaking is a partially filled bottle. Make sure the lid is tight.

When you let your child use common household items for play, you encourage their creativity. Begin by demonstrating one or more ways to use them and then turn them lose to discover their own playing fun.

Even though these five household objects to entertain your baby when proper toys are absent are considered safe, you still need to watch your baby. For example, make sure they do not put too much cloth into their mouths as choking could result. Additionally, check for sharp edges on boxes. One way to make sure items do not go into baby’s mouth is to let them suck on a pacifier when they are playing.

Your baby does not always need expensive toys for play. Common household items can provide a safe alternative when other toys are not available. Look around. Your house provides many items perfect for entertaining your baby.

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