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From playtime to storytime to bedtime, children spend a lot of time in their rooms so a boring bedroom is not ideal. Luckily you don’t have to have tons of cash to turn your little one’s space into a magical wonderland, just try out some of these oh-so-adorable design hacks.

Fairy Doors

The current darling of parent Pinterest boards, fairy doors are the avocado-on-toast of children’s bedroom design. Super easy to achieve and too cute for words, fairy doors are simply a little door built into or stuck onto a wall in your child’s bedroom. Your door can be as simple or as complex as you like; print out a door on paper and stick it to the wall or make one from a bit of old pallet if you’re feeling really crafty. Decorating around the door can also be really fun, add a tiny ivy that creeps up the wall or a little window to peep into – or even help your little one build a miniature front garden. For extra added fun, after you’ve created the door ask your little one to create a ‘For Sale’ sign then change it to ‘Sold’ one night while they’re asleep and leave some little suitcases or moving boxes outside the door!

pic 2 Warning: we can’t be held responsible for any real fairies that end up moving into your house…

All Eyes

Magical hacks don’t have to be costly or require immense DIY skills. If you’re more handy with a credit card than you are with a woodcarving set, simply buy a pack of stick-on googly eyes and use them to bring your child’s bedroom to life!


It is a truth universally acknowledged that every child needs a den. Whether it’s for reading, painting, napping or just daydreaming, a comfy den is a much-needed private space for your child – especially if they share a room or you’re short on quiet areas in the house. Nooks such as sash windows can be hung with canopies to make them more private while under-the-stairs makes for a perfectly Pottery place to hide. If you don’t have a space spare, why not treat your little one to their very own Wild West Wigwam to hide out in instead?

Firefly Canopy

Every princess has, at one stage in her life, been surrounded by beautiful fireflies. It’s like a princess rite of passage, okay? If your little princess has yet to have her firefly moment, create it for her with a beautiful fairy-lit canopy. All you need is fairy lights and some pretty, gauzy material. Suspend your canopy above the bed and fill it with the lights to create an instantly magical atmosphere.

Pic 3

How can you be a fairy princess without fairy lights? It’s just not possible.

A Room with a View

What’s the view from your house like? Unless you’re lucky enough to be surrounded by wild woodland (or – you know – live in an actual castle) chances are it’s probably not that magical. No problem! Magical views can be created with a little skilful artistry and some very strong glue. All you have to do is paint a mural of the view of your little one’s choice onto the bedroom wall. When it’s finished, attach a cheap window frame and some curtains (you can make your own to save money) over the top to make it instantly look like a real view. Nothing beats seeing your child wake up in the morning and pull open the curtains to look over their own magical kingdom.


When we were little we couldn’t get enough of the Chronicles of Narnia, especially The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. There was simply no idea more magical than climbing into a big old wardrobe and finding a hidden land on the other side. To define yourself as the coolest parent ever for all eternity, turn your child’s bedroom into Narnia by purchasing a child’s wardrobe, removing the back and placing it over the entrance to the room. You can use it on the main door to your child’s room or over the entrance to an adjoining room that can then be turned into a magical play den. Bonus points for filling the wardrobe with old fur coats (faux, obviously).

Pic 4

 If you add a lamppost to the room then congratulations, you instantly win Best Parent Ever Ever. Well done.

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