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This is really one for the dads – it’s your job to make sure that the kids get the Mother’s Day cards ready for this coming Sunday.     This year, instead of popping to the local card shop and buying the cards, why not make Mother’s Day more special.  Give Mum a treat one evening during the week by gathering up the kids and disappearing into a different room to do a little craft activity in preparation for the day.  Here are some simple card ideas that are easy to make with youngsters.  Remember, some of these ideas may get messy, so make sure you’re on the ball, especially with the cleaning up afterwards.  More importantly, make sure you use children’s scissors and that you supervise the cutting at all times.




Handprint Flower Card

This one really is simple – all you need is some paint, a brush or sponge, glue, some white card stock, green paper, scissors and a child.  Fold the white card stock in half for make a card and now you’re ready for the fun bit.  Paint each child’s hand in the colour of their choice and then get them to make a hand print on the card (fingers splayed out as much as possible).  Now, the important bit – rush your child to the bathroom (without letting him touch anything on the way) and make sure the paint is washed off properly.  Now help your child to cut a strip of green paper for the stem and two oval pieces for the leaves.  Get your little ones to glue on the stem and leaves and voila – you have a great Mother’s Day card. If the kids are a little older, you may prefer to have several hand prints in different colours to make a bunch of flowers on the front of the card – just draw on stems and glue on a paper bow.

This Much Card

Another easy card to make – all you will need is different coloured card, scissors, glue, a pencil and a felt pen.  First of all, get the kids to draw round each of their hands on the card – you may need to help them with this part.   Then get each of the kids to cut out their handprints from the card (use a different colour for each hand to make the card brighter).  Now it’s time for each of them to cut a long strip of card (about 6” by 1” should do it) and fold this into an accordion.  Glue a cut out hand to each end of the strip of card and help them write “I love you” on the hands and “this much” on the strip of card.

Flower Coupon Card

This is a great idea, especially for kids who are old enough to help out around the house.  You’ll need some white cardstock for the card, different coloured paper, scissors, glue and sticky labels.  First of all, fold the cardstock in half to make a card.  Now get the kids to cut out flower pots and stick onto the card along the bottom and sides, leaving the top of the pot open.  Get each child to cut out several flower shapes in different colours and stick a ‘promise label’ on each one.  Then the flowers need to be tucked in behind the flower pot, ready for Mum to choose a job to be done at her leisure.

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