With Easter fast approaching your little ones will be getting excited about the eggs that the Easter Bunny will no doubt bring them.  Easter is a fab festival with lots of craft and play activities that children enjoy.  Here are some great Easter activities that you can enjoy with the kids as they wait for the arrival of the Easter Bunny.

Make an Easter Bonnet

For each hat you will need a paper plate with a large rim, a straw and a wooden skewer.  You’ll also need glue, scissors, sticky tape, Capturecoloured paper cut into a variety of shapes (flowers, butterflies, leaves, birds, chicks, bunnies, etc).  First draw a spiral from the centre of the plate to the rim, then cut around the spiral.  Bear in mind that the rim of the plate forms the brim of the hat, so when you reach the inside of the plate rim, stop cutting.  Make a small hole in the centre of the spiral then take a plastic straw and insert the non bendy end of it into this hole.  Push a wooden skewer into the straw until it reaches the bend in the straw then tape the bendy end of the straw to the underside of the brim.  You should now have a 3D cone hat shape.  Give each child a cone shaped hat and get them to decorate the spiral and brim using feathers, cut out shapes of butterflies, flowers, birds and leaves.  These hats may simple or complex, depending on the age of the children.

Easter Egg Hunt

Buy a couple of bags of wrapped mini eggs and hide them in various places around the house (you can use the garden if the weather is dry).  Send the kids out looking for the eggs to bring back.  Once all the eggs have been collected the winner is whoever found the most eggs – share the eggs out fairly between the children.  If the children are older, you might want to make this a little more complicated by writing clues to describe where each egg is.  You don’t have to stick to eggs for this game – you can use little chocolate bunnies, chicks, etc.  I once used a pack of 20 yellow marshmallow ducks for the hunt and we came across the last stray duck about 4 months later, all shrivelled up and dried out!

Egg and Spoon Race

If the weather is good over the Easter weekend, why not have a good, old-fashioned egg and spoon race?  For each child you will need a hardboiled egg and a dessert spoon.  Line up the kids, each balancing an egg on their spoon and countdown for the start of the race.  If you tell the children that the eggs are raw, you’ll have even more fun as they take care not to drop and break the eggs.

Easter Egg Rolling

This is an activity that can be enjoyed outdoors or indoors, so the game won’t get spoiled if it rains.  You’ll need a hardboiled egg for each child and a set of paints or felt pens.  Give each child an egg to decorate – encourage them to use bright colours and decorate their eggs to make them look bright, colourful and snazzy.  Once the eggs are dry, set up a Start Line and a Finish Line for the race.  Now each child has to push their egg from the Start line to the Finish line using just their noses.  The kids are sure to want to play this game over and over so make sure you have a bag of mini eggs you can use for prizes.

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