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Most people know how important sleep this if you want to be productive during the day but what most people don’t realize is how truly important sleep is to their overall health. With that in mind the information below will give you a lot of insight into what sleep does for your health and your body every single night. Enjoy.

Sleep, surprisingly enough, can help improve your memory. The fact is, your brain is incredibly busy while you are sleeping and, through a process called consolidation, you can actually practice skills that you learned while you were awake and strengthen the memory your practice infused in your mind. Basically what this means is that, whether you are learning a new language, how to play guitar or any one of a myriad of things, you will learn them better because of the improved memory a good night’s sleep will give you.

If you’d like to live longer you’re going to need to get more high quality sleep. A study on women and sleep habits in 2010 showed that there was a much higher death rate among women who got less than five hours of sleep per night. Interestingly, that same study showed that women who slept more than 6 ½ hours also had shortened lives.

If you’re keen on increasing your quality of life the amount of sleep that you get every night is absolutely vital. The fact is, happy, well-adjusted and successful people usually sleep better, deeper and longer than their counterparts.

If you know anything about health you know that inflammation has been linked to a wide variety of diseases including diabetes, stroke, heart disease and more. What you might not know however is that people who sleep six hours or less a night will increase the inflammatory proteins in their blood, thus increasing the chance of these diseases.

If you are an artist or other creative type then sleeping is something you need to do more than others as it spurs creativity. Harvard University studies show that, during sleep, many memories and emotions are strengthened and they believe that this can help strengthen and spur on the process of creativity.

Are you an athlete? If you are then you’ll definitely want to get as much sleep as possible because a study at Stanford University found that their football players had less fatigue, increased their average sprint time and had more stamina when they slept at least eight hours or more a night. (We assume that they didn’t include weekends, when most college students are out drowning themselves in alcohol.)

Finally, if you’d like to improve your grades, getting the right amount of sleep is extremely important. Several studies conducted at different universities found that students who got less sleep than necessary had poorer grades than their counterparts. The same thing goes for adults who are trying to improve on the job.

As you can see it is essential that you get enough sleep as your health deeply depends on it. Make sure that you have an excellent mattress and box spring to help you do just that and do your best to get the sleep you need every night. Sleep well!

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