Our second son has never been a good sleeper, in fact, things got so bad that we actually hired a sleep nanny to help us to counter the problems we were facing. At 14 months he had still never slept through the night, and I was back to work as a teacher. I could barely function at work and was constantly in tears at the slightest thing. Bad times. The sleep nanny taught us the importance of rigid nap times, which I’d always been against as I felt we should go with what our baby needed, but it turns out she was right. We cut out his morning nap and hey presto, he was miraculously sleeping through the night again. Roll on two years and he has suddenly started waking up again, every single night!



We’ve put it down to the sudden changing of the weather, but every night between 1 and 3 am he wakes up and complains of being cold. We have put extra bedding on but this seems to make no difference. The issue seems to be the coldness of his sheet, but what can we do about that? I remember when I was little having a sort of fleecy sheet, but I’ve looked everywhere for one of these to no avail! So what can we do? Some sort of water bottle (too dangerous)? Have him in our bed (he takes up a LOT of room for one so small)? Maybe some sort of sleeping bag (he’s three years old so maybe a bit old for this)? Any ideas? It feels like having a new born again and it massively affecting both our working and family lives to be disturbed like that every single night.

Like most phases of childhood though, this is probably just a phase that will pass, but don’t the phases seem long when they’re happening?

Written by our regular contributor Heather.

Website: http://www.pret-a-mummy.com
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