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The average parent, unless they are brand-new to parenting, will realize that their children will rarely have the same opinion as they do about most things. When it comes to decorating a child’s bedroom this is never more evident as what you feel looks great they may feel looks, well, not great. With that in mind we put together this little blog about decorating your child’s room and filled it with wonderful tips that will help you and your child find a common ground.

As you get started remember to keep one thing in mind; your child’s bedroom (unless they share it with a sibling) is the one room in the house where they can truly express their personal self and their creativity. If you allow them to do that (within reason, of course) you may find that when you’re done you have a much stronger bond with them.

Before beginning any decorating process you should sit down with your child and talk to them about what they would like. Make a list of their favorite things, their favorite TV shows or hobbies, etc. If you can incorporate some of these ideas into their new décor it will go a long way to helping them to feel like the room is truly theirs.

Choosing the right colors is important. If your child is asking for bright, overpowering colors you would do best to compromise by using a relatively neutral color on most of the walls and throwing in a sprinkling of these bright colors on things like doorframes, window frames, lampshades and so forth. The same thing should be kept in mind for objects like curtains, where a neutral color will allow you and your child to change the room in a few years (it’s inevitable) without having to change everything.

One of the most important aspects of a child’s room is there furniture, including their bed, dressers, bedside tables, desks and chairs. If you have the time and patience it would be a great idea to look at the different styles and colors with them, making note of what they like and basing other decorating decisions on your purchases.

Keep in mind is that, whatever furniture you choose, it should have a high level of functionality. For example, a bunk bed that can have a play area underneath for your seven-year-old can then be turned into a study space once they reach the point of having to do homework every night. If you choose furniture that is brightly coloured you may find that, a few years down the road, it becomes much more difficult to change their room as far as its overall color scheme. A good suggestion would be to purchase furniture that is of a neutral color and paint their room in the colors they like, colors that can be changed when the time comes.

No matter what you and your child decide to do the most important things to do is have fun and don’t get too caught up in making things perfect. All people change and children more so. Simply put, the decorating you do today that excites and pleases them will be the same scheme that they are one day sick of and bored within. Do whatever you can now to make the inevitable future changes easier on your time, energy and budget.

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