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Each year on August 11, parents around the world celebrate Son’s and Daughter’s Day. Our children bring joy to our lives every day, but it is awesome we have a day set aside to acknowledge how much we love and appreciate them. Although the origins of Son and Daughter Day are not known, any countries join in the celebration. Try one of these five ways to show your children your love and appreciation.



#1 Give Your Children Your Time and Attention

  • Let your children know they are loved by giving them attention and praises them often.
  • Be there for your kids as much as possible, both physically and mentally. Attend recitals, open houses, and athletic events.
  • Look for times they are doing things that make you happy and let them know how you feel.
  • Try to praise your child more than you scold them.

Spend Son and Daughter Day taking your child someplace special that they will really enjoy.

#2 Use Effective Discipline

Discipline shows your children how much you love and care for them and teaches your children responsibility and self-control. Make sure you reward your child for good and punish gently for bad behaviour. Be consistent. Teach them the difference between right and wrong.

On Son and Daughter Day, take a close look at your methods of discipline and evaluate its effectiveness. Make changes if necessary to have a discipline plan that shows your child you love and appreciate them.

#3 Really Listen to Your Children

When your kids talk to you, they know if your attention is elsewhere and they feel unimportant. Your children will know you appreciate them if you make eye contact when they speak to you. Stop whatever you are doing and really listen to their story, problem, or request for advice.

On Son and Daughter Day, spend some time in meaningful conversation. Even a five year old loves to share their feelings.

#4 Create Family Habits and Traditions

Our lives are busy and if we are not careful, we have very little family time. Spending time creating family habits and traditions shows our children how much we love and appreciate them. Establish routines to create a family culture. Reading before bed, watching kid-friendly videos and movies, and family table games all strengthen the family bond and create special memories. Setting up seasonal and holiday traditions creates a sense of security in your children.

Choose a special activity to engage in each year on Son and Daughter Day – perhaps an outing or special at-home celebration complete with cake and ice cream.

 #5 Encourage Your Children’s Dreams

If we are not careful, we push our children to live the lives we think they should. Encourage your kid to pursue their own interests and dreams. Talk to your child about what they are interested in, and then find ways to help them learn more about whatever it is they dream of doing. Doing so instils feelings of responsibility and self-confidence.

August 11 is Son and Daughter Day, a time to show your children how much you appreciate them. Set aside time to reflect on the joy your children bring into your lives, and then continue to show your love and appreciation every day of the year.


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