When it comes to redecorating our children’s bedrooms, we’re all guilty of scrolling through Pinterest and pinning cavernous rooms with design features we’d never be able to fit into our actual homes (uh… real tree swing in a room, anyone??).

If you are working with a small space though, there comes a time when you need to set fantasy aside and get practical. Here are our top tips on making the most of that space.

Colour Code

Colour plays a huge part in our perception of space. While we might love bold, bright shades, they’re not always the best choice for a kid’s room (on the walls, anyway) as they tend to partition a space into sections that make it appear smaller. That’s not to say your little one’s space can’t be colourful though! Simply opt for lighter shades – pastels make a great colour palette for children’s bedrooms – or different shades of one colour. You can also go for neutral tones like white or beige on the walls and liven up the space with pops of colour via bedroom accessories instead.

Hit the Ceiling

Walls aren’t the only way you can bring colour into a bedroom. If you want to keep a small space looking big, leave the walls a pale or neutral colour and go all out on the ceiling. Bright colours on the ceiling draw the eyes upwards, making rooms feel much taller than they are and much more spacious overall. For bonus Cool Parent points, turn the ceiling into a giant mural of something fun like a sunny sky or rainforest canopy.


Make a Statement

If we had a motto it would be: love accessories, do not love clutter. Unnecessary clutter will make a small room look tiny so you have to think smart when it comes to your children’s furniture. Instead of lots of bits and bobs, go for one or two pieces of statement furniture instead. From cool vintage metal lockers to a cool minimalist Scandi-style desk, having just a couple of eye-catching pieces will make a room feel a lot bigger.



Talking of statement furniture, it’s also a good idea to go for multitasking pieces if you want to make the most of your space. Go for cabin beds with built-in storage, a high-sleeper with a pull-out desk and sofa bed, clever storage that is both a bookcase and a chest of drawers, or a toy box that can double as seating during playdates. The more uses you can fit into one piece, the less space your furniture needs to take up!

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